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Apelab: the only European startup entering HTC Vive X accelerator

30.11.2017 12:05
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Twenty-six new companies across the world have been selected to participate in the HTC Vive X accelerator program with the goal of building and advancing the global VR/AR ecosystem. Among them is Apelab, a Geneva based startup focusing on the future of interactive entertainment adapted to today's digital media and devices. Apelab is the only European startup going to benefit from HTC’s program.

Vive X, HTC Vive’s global AR/VR accelerator program announced its third batch of start-up companies to join its ranks. The Accelerator is invests in 26 new companies focusing on foundational technologies and key verticals. VIVE X is a service-orientated strategic investor that offers unparalleled access to expertise, resources, planning and an extensive network throughout the AR/VR industry. By making all of its resources available, VIVE helps startups mature and go to market, and offers value that goes far beyond financial investment. With this third batch, VIVE X is expanding its operations into a fifth location in Tel Aviv, furthering its mission to find and advance the best teams globally.

One of the beneficiaries of the program is the Geneva based startup Apelab, a Swiss studio aiming at democratizing content creation for VR/AR. Its software toolkit Spatial Stories allows developers, designers or anyone without coding knowledge to build fully interactive VR content quickly and efficiently within an immersive environment, then export it to various platforms. Using their toolkit, Apelab has already launched a game «Break a Leg», for Samsung Gear. The same toolkit will be used to develop solutions for HTC.

“Our focus with VIVE X is to partner with companies across the globe that will solve industry pain-points and improve user experiences across AR and VR. This third batch is filled with incredibly talented and promising teams who are focusing on foundational technologies and key verticals including enterprise, healthcare, entertainment, and education,” said Marc Metis, Vice President, HTC VIVE. “We continue to invest very actively in both VR and AR, and are excited to work with the next group of innovative teams and technologies that will shape the future.”

Since its inception in July, 2016, VIVE X has invested in more than 80 companies across a variety of areas, making it the world’s most active investor in the AR and VR space. Many of these companies have become notable segment leaders in the industry and a significant portion have reached commercial partnerships with VIVE and its partners to advance their businesses.

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