The Kickstart Accelerator program culminates with success

04.11.2016 14:00
Kickstart Accelerator

Today, the Kickstart Accelerator team announced the winners of the 11-week program in the verticals Fintech, Smart & Connected Machines, Future & Emerging Technologies und Food. Four Proof of concepts have been confirmed with large companies including UBS, Credit Suisse, Swisscom, PwC and Raiffeisen and two partnerships have been signed. 

Notakey, Lenditapp, Lastmile, Veezoo, Faitron and Entocube are the winners of the Kickstart Accelerator program 2016. Today, parallel to meetings with investors and the Demo day event, Kickstart team announced six startups that successfully concluded the 11-week program. This program was designed to bring some of the most promising early-stage startups in the field of Fintech, Smart & Connected Machines, Future & Emerging Technologies und Food to the forefront, through collaboration with large companies such as UBS, Credit Suisse, Swisscom, PwC and Raiffeisen as well as Coop and Migros. The accelerator is an initiative of digitalswitzerland.

At the Demo day, five proof of concepts (PoC) with large European companies were announced:

  1. Swisscom has agreed on a proof of Concept with Lenditapp. The startup provides a cloud-based business process and Customer Acquisition Management solution for sales organization and funders catering to the alternative small business lending community. During the PoC, the risk model and the value proposition are to be validated together with selected actors from the Swiss financial sector.

  2. Raiffeisen Switzerland also announced a PoC with Lenditapp with the aim of the aim is to achieving a simplification in the credit process while at the same time improving quality for the automated, digital processing of balance sheet accounts.

  3. Raiffeisen Switzerland additionally announced und LastMile also agreed to PoC. Lastmile developed chatbots and assistants to allow people conduct more natural conversations. Through this PoC, Raiffeisen will check the possibilities of using chatbots in their service organization.
  4. PWC Switzerland and Veezoo also reached an agreement to implement a PoC. Veezoo is a dialog-based, artificial intelligence-based software technology that allows users to analyze their company's data.

  5. Coop und Migros agreed to a PoC with Faitron. The startup has developed a portable lunch box that enables users to warm up their meals anywhere. The PoC allows Coop and Migros to test the performance and acceptance of the lunchbox. Experiences from the tests will be shared with Faitron in order to make further optimizations on the devices and then decide about the possible marketing of the HeatsBox.

In addition to the PoC two partnerships were announced.

UBS, Credit Suisse and Swisscom considered closing a partnership with Notakey. NotaKey has developed a mobile software that enables users to securely and remotely notarise restricted operations such as user logon, VPN protection, payments, and approval to agreements.

Coop and Migros will also indirectly collaborate with Entocube, a startup specialising in insect farming technologies in order to increase production efficiency and output. It developed a microclimate control system that ensures rapid growth and higher yields, while automation reduces labour costs and fluctuations in production.

Patricia Schlenter, program lead of kickstart Acceerator commented with contentment: "Our goal was to give the participating start-ups the opportunity to test their products on the benchmarks of some of the largest European corporations. The willingness of the corporate partners to provide their infrastructure, data and know-how with start-ups and to work with them is a win-win situation for innovation in different industries, which allows for creating an ecosystem that will continue throughout the program."


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