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UBS Fintech Challenge: Swiss Finalists announced

11.11.2015 13:06

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The UBS Future of Finance Challenge was launched in August. Today the finalists of the regional final in Zurich have been announced. Among them are eight Swiss start-ups.

With a first prize of US$50,000, the competition offers the winners a share of over US$300,000 cash prizes and support, over 300 hours dedicated coaching and mentoring from experienced technology and business leaders, and also a chance to further commercialize and scale their ideas and technologies with help from UBS resources and support.

The global finals will take place in Zurich in December. In November twelve global finalists will be selected in four regional finals. Today UBS announced the fourth and final group of regional finalists, who will compete in Zurich on November 12th & 13th. Fifteen applications from the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region 2 were selected. Eight of them are Swiss start-ups. The global finals will take place in Zurich on 10 December.

Sound Proof,, Switzerland
Want to protect customer data from being stolen? Sound-Proof provides secure and usable two-factor authentication for your online services.

BIOWATCH,, Switzerland
BIOWATCH, a wearable that fits on your watch for secure and seamless access to e-banking & m-payment apps.

CashSentinel,, Switzerland
An API providing numerous smart contracts that protect both parties in common transactions like cars, housing rentals and services.

Dizmo,, Switzerland
A software to radicalize the way data and events are interactively selected, analyzed, correlated, visualized, augmented and made actionable.

Finhorizon,, Switzerland
Daily supply of risk-return ratings to any subscriber. Usable for investment advisors as a base case in a comply-or-explain process.

Nektoon AG (Squirro),, Switzerland
Squirro improves banking operations by reducing IT systems downtime and optimizing the average incident handling time by up to 50%.

Embotech,, Switzerland
100x faster than IBM’s product, our backend software for mathematical optimization enables real-time, interactive portfolio optimization on mobile devices.

Nviso,, Switzerland
Detect real live humans in shared digital data economy transactions to enhance security and reduce fraud.

Taler,, France
Convenient and privacy-preserving electronic payments  for the digital society using an open standard and free implementation.

Decentralized Mobile Applications Ltd., Israel
GetGems enables payments within social networks’ chats. Leveraging existing networks creates simplicity and an intuitive payment experience.

Ostendo Consulting,, Croatia / GB
Payment card PIN delivered the moment user gets card and requests it! EPD cuts PIN delivery costs up to 75%.

Wayerz,, Israel
Wayerz provides an integrated bank-to-bank platform that includes a navigation-like system used to optimize international money wires, correspondent inter-bank reporting, and reconciliation. GmbH,, Deutschland
Smart Statement finds documents and information related to your bank statements and use them to create your personal finance manager.

PriNum,, Ukraine
PrimeKit is a cloud-based digital enablement platform that facilitates secure contactless mobile services. It’s token-based, supports mobile wallet solutions, and complies with IPN requirements.

Modelogiq,, Deutschland
Enabling research analysts and portfolio managers to identify mispriced assets and develop non-consensus investment theses underpinned by thorough fundamental analysis.

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Company profiles on SquirroCashSentineldizmo
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