QualySense closes a financing round of CHF 2.1 million

02.11.2015 09:15

QualySense, a Swiss company focused on innovative grain and seed sorting technology announced today that it has closed a new financing round. The company has raised CHF 2.1 million from a number of Swiss and international business angels and plans to invest the funds in expanding their product range.

QualySense aims at becoming a strategic partner within the agro-food community in the next years. This last funding round will allow QualySense to accelerate the development of our product range, enabling us to explore new markets”, said Alberto Romaneschi, Chairman of the Board.

QualySense uses pace technologies that combine Machine Vision and Near-Infrared spectroscopy to develop the QSorter, the first artificial intelligence robot for high-speed single kernel analysis and sorting of grains. The QSorter technology analyzes and sorts each grain individually based on its physical and compositional properties, which enables a reliable and sophisticated control solution aimed at increasing quality and safety of food products, for example in the development of diet-specific food products.

About QualySense
QualySense is a Swiss company established in 2010. The company pioneers in innovative high-speed single kernel sorting solution to achieve optimal processing, quality, and safety of  agricultural products.

(Press release)

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