DNA Studios releases first game

Stefan Kyora

18.11.2015 09:06

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Today DNA Studios, based in Bulle, releases its first game called Antyz. Antyz is an adventure puzzle game. The story is mostly driven by ecology with references to true ants.

« ANTYZ - A Time Odyssey » is a free adventure puzzle game. Players have to help the ants survive a sudden glacial era. They will travel back through the ages of time, charting a path towards the center of the earth. Their task is to control the scouting ant who must dig the path and overcome the dangers threatening the ants nest. ANTYZ has more than 100 levels.

ANTYZ is the first game DNA Studios releases by itself. The company already realised games for third parties, for example "Dans Ton Quiz", a musical quiz for RTS/SRF and the radio channel "Couleur 3".

It all started in 2013 when Pro Helvetia and Suisa foundation launched a call for projects « Swiss Games » at the Neuchâtel Fantastic Film Festival. This event had the purpose to promote and help a few video games selected for their innovation and artistic quality. “At this time, we gathered, decided to give it a go and made a prototype for a mobile game. That’s when we came up with the idea to ANTYZ”, explains Nicolas Gachoud, co-founder of DNA Studios.

ANTYZ was selected together with six other games as winners. The team won CHF15,000. CHF10,000 was given after the selection and 5,000 will be given after the release. Early 2013, thanks to the financial help just earned, the team decided to start the company and push the development of ANTYZ. In March 2014 with the game well under way, and with the support of Pro Helvetia, the team had the chance to attend the GDC in San Francisco. “This event, one of the biggest events for video games in the world allowed us to collect great feedback and ways of improving the game”, says Gachoud. In summer 2014 a beta version of ANTYZ was released and today, almost 3 years after the first ideas of that game came up, the game can be downloaded in an iOS and an Android version.

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