Diviac strengthens second business segment

19.11.2015 13:30

Diviac has released a new version of its scuba holidays booking portal diviac.travel. The use of big data helps users to find the perfect destination.

In 2013 diviac.com was launched, now one of the world’s most popular cloud-logbook with users from over 140 countries. In April 2015, the founders of diviac released their newest platform, diviac.travel, with the ambition of becoming the Booking .com of scuba diving. Diviac Travel has now gone through a major redesign. “The first version of diviac.travel was an optimization of our logbook to offer travel capabilities” says Joel Perrenoud, CEO and Founder of Diviac. “In this new release, every aspect of the user experience has been rethought and improved. We have put a strong focus on the flow from the inspiration & research phase to the selection & booking phase. The new website is also fully responsive and looks great on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.”

To help divers find the perfect holiday destination based on their personal interests, Diviac launched a powerful “wizard”, which recommends a list of top 10 destinations based on desired month of travel, marine life interest and weather conditions. “This a great example of how the use of big data and the integration of our logbook data with travel can help users find exactly what they are looking for based on facts rather than speculations” says Joel.

In addition the site now counts the biggest selection of liveaboards available from any travel agent or any website in the world. Divers can research and compare more 300 safari boats to book their perfect dive holiday. And for those who prefer to dive from dry land, Diviac also offers more than 10,000 dive resorts and dive centers with pricing on request.

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