StartupBlink: a global map of start-ups, accelerators and influencers

19.11.2014 15:12

StartupBlink –  a start-up based in Switzerland – is an interactive global start-up map where it’s possible to find, research and add Start-ups, Top Freelancers, Influencers, Coworking Spaces, Accelerators, Ambassadors and more. Marketing guru Guy Kawasaki thinks it’s a cool idea.

On StartupBlink start-ups can generate traction and awareness worldwide by broadcasting (“Blinking”) their news and needs, and by posting deals on the map. A “Hot or Not” feature called “Rate Startups,” will enable startups to receive ratings and direct feedback on their pitches from potential customers, investors, fellow startup founders and mentors.

Bestselling author Guy Kawasaki learned about StartupBlink recently and posted about the project on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus last week. “We then received massive traffic and many startups are adding themselves to StartupBlink”, says Roderick Warren, co-founder and CTO of StartupBlink.

Roderick Warren is a dual American/Swiss citizen living in Zurich. Roderick is a systems engineer and software project manager who previously co-founded a video platform for new and used vehicle sales. Before migrating to Switzerland, Roderick was a specialist in fire protection, search and rescue, and has worked on assignments in Iraq, Kosovo and East Asia. Roderick is also a US Air Force veteran.

The second founder and CEO is Eli David, a CPA and economist from Israel who previously co-founded an online education company and is a digital nomad, changing countries every two months over the past four years in order to map out local startup ecosystems around the world. (Blog at

“We want to consistently provide value to start-ups, throughout their entire life span, connect all the dots together in the start-up ecosystem, and become a one-stop shop of start-up information, connection and promotion,” says Eli David, CEO.

“StartupBlink aims to provide a reliable, permanent platform for start-ups – thereby fixing the current situation in which start-up-related sites cater only to a specific temporal event or need (getting co-founders, investors, accelerators, and so on). We're putting all the global start-up information in one place on one map!” says Roderick Warren, COO.

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