Companies selected for Swiss Venture Day in December

21.11.2014 15:09

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The last Swiss Venture Day of 2014 will be held on 3 November in Zurich. Eight companies will pitch. The selected start-ups are: Anerdgy, Ecker Technologies, ecoRobotix, eSmart, Eyefitu, Femtoprint, TwingTec, Unono.

Swiss start-ups that will help shoppers, patients with Parkinson’s Disease or the environment will present their company at the 48th Swiss Venture Day at SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich. More information and registration on the website of CTI Invest. In the morning an “Angel Day” will take place. The topic of this interactive workshop for business angels will be the Lean Innovation approach.

The selected start-ups:

FEMTOPRINT is an innovative way of producing micro devices out of glass or other transparent substrates, integrating optical, fluidic and mechanical features down to the nano-scale in a single substrate. The technology allows to create a large variety of microdevices for different application fields such as optics and photonics, micromechanics and optomechanics, microfluidics and optofluidics, micromolding and 5D memories.

Ecker-Technologies has developed GONDOLA, an innovative rehabilitation medical device for patients with Parkinson’s Disease. It can improve the quality of life by reducing motion disabilities and allowing patients to carry out day to day activities better. GONDOLA is using Foot Mechanical Stimulation (FMS), a powerful rehabilitation therapy based on stimulation of the peripheral nervous system.

Unono is a social network for students to be in touch with life on campus. For Higher Education Institutions, Unono is a Content Management System that turns universities into social hubs. The vision is to create the leading online academic community that brings together all universities worldwide into a unique network.

Traditionally, clothes have been labelled using many different ad-hoc size systems including country-specific or vendor specific labels. Shoppers are confused about their size and measurements. EyeFitU solves this problem. The app enables users to find their perfect size in seconds when they are buying clothes online and instore.

TwingTec, developed a fully autonomous kite linked to a ground station that goes higher than traditional wind turbines. The ultra-lightweight kite flying figure eights over 100m is able to produce electricity for 45 Swiss households. Contrary to wind turbines, the installation of TwingTec doesn’t need a tower and foundation.

Anerdgy has develope WindRail, a building-based energy generation system, combining wind flow, pressure differences and solar radiation. At the heart of WindRail is an electricity generating, wind turbine. The turbine entry area harnesses the wind flow near the facade edge and accelerates it by using the natural pressure differences between facade and roof.

eSMART: Reducing energy consumption lies at the heart of eSMART. The service allows electricity, water and heating consumption to be analysed at a glance. The connected devices can be managed via smartphone or tablet. This way customers can keep tabs on their energy consumption and costs.

ecoRobotix’s mission is to design, produce and commercialize innovative machines for agriculture based on autonomous robotic technologies, featuring a lower general impact on the environment than current equipment. The concept is to design lightweight autonomous robots being able to perform basic operations on the cultures, and working during long periods of time.

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