Wiine.me offers a new way of discovering wines

25.11.2013 15:52

A start-up from Western Switzerland founded in 2013 aims at changing wine consumption and the way wine lovers learn something about their drink.

Wine may have been reinvented in terms of marketing, taste and packaging but it has never evolved regarding its consumption.  The Geneva based startup, Wiine.Me, offers monthly subscriptions for 3 wine bottles, curated by experts – including a 2 stars Michelin chef, delivered at home. Beginners and connoisseurs can discover new wines, every month, and learn online effortlessly.

Wiine.me enables consumers to avoid the selection pain at supermarkets (71% of wine purchase in Switzerland). Most of Swiss grape varietals are Chasselas, Gamay and Pinoit Noir. However 2000 grape varietals exist in the world. The wine startup helps consumers learn the easy way, with its new service launched this month.

Around 60% of Swiss people drink wine on a weekly basis. The co-founders of Wiine.Me, Frederic Chenevard and Timothee Bardet, created their online wine subscription service so as to make people learn about wine the easy way, with different themes, every month. The Wiine.Me Box is delivered at home or at the office, like the vegetable baskets or the beauty boxes.

Online, Wiine.Me subscribers can reorder any wine they loved at producer cost, or play with wine online profiles by blind tasting their friends, directly from their mobile. The wine startup is active at the place of consumption.

The start-up bases wine learning and wine knowledge upon monthly discoveries and tastings. Short and efficient online wine courses (tested with groups at several offline wine tastings) are now available for all subscribers.

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