11 companies selected for the next Swiss Venture Day

29.11.2013 14:52

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On 11 December the last Swiss Venture Day for this year will take place in Zurich. There will be full pitches by Celltec Biotek, DomoSafety, Geosatis, Medirio, Medyria, Osmoblue, Politnetz and Uepaa! In addition Biognosys, Visionarity and Virometix will have elevator pitches.

Ten companies were selected today for the upcoming Swiss Venture Day at SWX Zurich. More information and registration on the website of CTI Invest. In the morning an “Angel Day” will take place. The topic of this interactive workshop for business angels will be Business Model Canvas and Lean Start-up. The speakers are Jasper Bouwsma and Fredi Schmidli.

Companies with full pitches:

CELLEC BIOTEK was founded as a spin-off of a lab of University Hospital Basel and is active in the world of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. The start-up develops and commercializes bioreactors for 3D cell culture and tissue generation. The products allow growing 3D living tissues, as advanced model systems for tissue development and drug testing.

DomoSafety has developed a revolutionary healthcare system that assures the safety of the elderly at home. This solution analyses behavior patterns to detect irregularities and alert caregivers or emergency personnel in case of danger. With DomoSafety, the elderly can substantially postpone their entrance in retirement homes.

Geosatis developed an electronic bracelet for monitoring of offenders. The innovative GPS technology locates the person to be monitored with high reliability and precision. The system is capable of registering or detecting virtually any radio attack as well as any attempt to remove or harm the electronic components of the system.

Medirio provides insulin pen users with a new drug delivery system which allows diabetic patients to manage their insulin injections in an easier, discreet and more comfortable way. The new medical device is designed to significantly improve both therapy control and efficiency together with users' everyday experience. 

MEDYRIA engineers technologies for catheter navigation and sensing. The overarching goal of the start-up is to make catheter based procedures faster, safer and more effective. MEDYRIA’s core technology is a sensor-based system for measurement of blood flow: the “Flowcath”, and a revolutionary technology for processing flow data and tracking catheters: the “Trackcath”.

OsmoBlue will pitch a sustainable and profitable technology for recycling low-temperature waste heat. OsmoBlue’s patented technology converts low-temperature heat, as low as 30°C, into electricity. The system is scalable and can produce hundreds of kW to tens of MW of electricity.

Politnetz is an independent online platform providing information about political topics, elections, votes in parliament and referendums. In addition the site is an discussion forum enabling a real dialogue between citizens and politicians. On Politnetz citizens and politicians can express their opinion by publishing articles on political issues or comment on the articles of others and consequently engage in a discussion.

Uepaa! has launched a rescue app which works far beyond the boundaries of net operators. It turns the smartphone of more than 25 million outdoor users into an alpine tracking, alerting and rescue device, using a wireless Peer2Peer (mesh-) communication technology developed by ETH Zürich. The app was launched in July 2013, premium features were added recently. The rollout in alpine regions outside Switzerland is planned for the coming weeks.


Companies with elevator pitches:

Biognosys has developed a solution to quantify proteins from a drop of blood. With a novel mass spectrometric technology we can record protein signals from 1000s of proteins in a single instrument run. This represents the key to personalized medicine and will enable to monitor individual protein levels for health monitoring and early detection of diseases.

Visionarity has developed Kelvin, the first awareness program that combines technology and social strategies to engage employees on the habit of switching off devices when they are not in use.

Vaccines are non-hazardous versions of pathogens today produced either in a nutrient solution or by genetically altered bacteria – until now, that is, because Virometix has created a broadly applicable technology platform for manufacturing vaccines chemically. Such a manufacturing process is not only simpler and more cost-efficient but also safer.

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