Street lighting in San Francisco turns smart with Paradox Engineering

19.11.2012 18:29

Paradox Engineering SA, the young Swiss hi-tech company specialized in advanced solutions for Smart Cities, industrial wireless sensor networks and global virtual networks, is starting the deployment of the pilot project for remotely managing the public lighting infrastructure in San Francisco, California.

Endorsed by the San Francisco Public Utility Commission (SFPUC), the project will lead to the implementation of a citywide secure wireless communication network to monitor and control different urban services such as street lighting, electric vehicles charging stations, electricity meters and traffic signals.

Strongly committed to sustainable development and energy efficiency, the SFPUC intends to replace the existing HPS street light poles with dimmable LED luminaires in the next two years, and to remotely manage them through an integrated wireless control system.
In the next few weeks, the pilot project will be kicked-off in downtown San Francisco. First step will allow remote monitoring and control of luminaires; electric vehicles charging stations, electricity meters and traffic signals control cabinets will be added shortly after. The project scope has in fact already been extended to include a first set of additional applications. Outcomes will be accurately analyzed to measure quantitative and qualitative benefits, therefore validating a model for future implementations.
Working closely with the SFPUC, Paradox Engineering is taking care of the solution's design, engineering and delivery, also providing technology and expertise to streamline the implementation of the IPv6 wireless full mesh network and its different components.
Headquartered in Switzerland and founded in 2005, Paradox Engineering faced a consistent growth in the last two years and now has operations in Europe and Middle East, two offices in Far-East Asia (Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and a new business seat in the United States. The San Francisco office will leverage sales and marketing operations in North America and provide customer support. Paradox Engineering's office will be addressed at 730 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111, co-located with swissnex San Francisco, the public-private venture endorsed by Switzerland's State Secretariat for Education and Research, whose aim is to expand education, research and innovation around the world.

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