Kinntek brings to market GDPR compliant solution with Pryv

17.05.2018 09:41

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Kinntek, the leading provider of digital physiotherapy solutions from Yverdon, has chosen Pryv to extend its breakthrough hand rehabilitation interactive platform with advanced privacy-preserving capability. The integration of the privacy software is designed to meet increasing demands from patients and regulatory bodies for more transparent, trustworthy management of personal data alongside therapeutic treatments.

Swiss HealthTech pionneer Kinntek will use to bring its solution to market in an age of GDPR. The company based in Yverdon designs and markets a range of smart patient-centric engineering solutions for rehabilitation of individuals suffering from disorders affecting the mobility of their musculoskeletal system.

“Pryv helped us stay focused on the innovation course designing clinical solutions with the highest standards of therapeutic efficacy and patient experience” says Elisa Munafò Pannatier, CEO at Kinntek. “We capitalized on their privacy management know-how in MedTech and embedded a rigorous GDPR / Swiss LDP -proof data protection capability in less than 5 working days"

Patient care is undergoing a revival of technological advancements. Healthcare applications and connected medical devices are improving doctor - patient communication by enabling real-time analysis, remote patient monitoring and effective therapeutic interaction. Along with the many benefits of digitisation and tele-health technology comes an expanded risk on data privacy which can be mitigated with a privacy-aware data management platform that can ensure personal data at rest, in use and in motion is duly protected.

“We are very pleased to announce yet another successful implementation helping MedTech companies build the critical layer of data protection around their innovations" says Pierre-Mikael Legris, CEO at “By working with some of world's leading MedTech pioneers, we accumulated robust industry experience which is reflected in our speedy deployment, lego(r)-like integrability and overall agile operating model".

As healthcare organisations increasingly integrate personal data into their practices, they understand the inherent compliance risks and chances of data privacy breach. Unfortunately the defense mechanisms are often bolt on as an after-thought or ignored all together. Pryv's privacy by design approach promotes privacy and data protection compliance from the start to guide customers’ data security decisions throughout the lifecycle of their projects, services and innovations. The solution fosters MedTech’s patient-centricity and helps companies manage personal data from creation, to use, to sharing, portability and right-to-be-forgotten.

Packaged for swift integration, comes with a secure storage vault, encryption protocols, fine-grained consent management and comprehensive auditing capability that radically cut IT development costs and accelerate time-to-benefit while addressing most stringent data protection requirements.

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