Sports-Tech Oscar for two startups

08.05.2018 10:15
Swiss Delegation

Two Swiss startups have won a trophy of Yahoo’s Sports Technology Awards. Levuro for the Best Broadcaster or Live Sports Experience, and Yoveo for the Sports Technology Agency of the Year.

The Award recognises technology-led innovation across all aspects of the sports sector. The call for application received entries from over 30 countries and 5 continents, representing more than 50 sports. Now in its fifth cycle, the awards has grown to become an international mark of excellence.

Eight Swiss startups made it among the finalists and two have received the trophy. These include;

Levuro - Best Broadcaster or Live Sports Experience
offers a social media marketing solution to improve engagement and social media marketing campaigning. The startup delivers an innovative OTT Solution with Engagement Tools, converting data into value for enterprises worldwide. With cloud-based proprietary technology, the solution transforms audience interactions into behavioural data, creating highly valuable advertising packages and direct marketing value.

Yoveo – received the troph for the Sports Technology Agency of the Year
The Zurich based startup develops video products and acts as partner on content, production and technology topics. Yoveo won the award based on its use of iRewind’s mass personalized video technology at the UBS Kids Cup, which brings together over 130,000 children to participate in more than 850 track and field events. Yoveo’s project included UBS volunteers filming thousands of minutes of film of the athletes who ran the 60-meter sprint. The film was then transformed into personalized videos through iRewind’s technology. Each personalized video features close-up shots of the child and her sprint in normal speed and slow motion.

“We are honoured to win for Sports Technology Agency of the Year. We are proud to provide technology solutions for projects such as the UBS Kids Cup. We think it is an excellent example of how personalized videos can deliver lasting, sharable memories for participants and event organizers alike. This award stands as a testament that Yoveo’s clients can accomplish great things with iRewind’s personalized video technology,” commented Marco Demont, the co-owner of Yoveo.

Photo l-r.: Marco Demont (co-founder, Yoveo), Andreas Herren (CTO & co-founder Yoveo, co-owner iRewind), Martina Hingis (Former professional tennis player), Sébastien Rouiller (UBS), Alexandre Fasel (Swiss Ambassador UK).


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