SIX Group launches two-factor authentication with Futurae

14.05.2018 11:34
SIX Building

Security at the Six financial services is now stronger than before. The company is replacing its “Safeword Token” with new digital solutions, including the Artificial intelligence two-factor authentication from the startup futurae.

Futurae developed a two-factor authentication suite that offers a high level of security to businesses and individuals to protect their accounts and sensitive user data. The solution is accessible through Futurae’s mobile application and can be used to add an additional layer of security to logins for mobile and web applications, platforms and customer portals. The authentication process is user-friendly and depending on the option selected, works without any user interaction thereby improving the customer experience.

Thanks to its proven security solution, the startup has now attracted the SIX  group to its customer portfolio. Six has long been searching for new effective solutions that would enable them to increase stability, enhance security and at the same time allow the company to stay at the forefront of technological innovation where data and information protection come utmost.

With Futurae’s mobile software solution along with the hardware solution by RSA, Six replaces its previous “Safeword Token” authentication solution. The Clients of SIX will have the opportunity choose between the two authentication solutions. Both authentication solutions meet the highest security standards. The solutions can be ordered via the SWS platform as of 22 June 2018.


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