Climate-KIC selected startups are revealed

07.05.2018 10:30
Climate KIC 2018 intake

The Summer Batch 2018 Climate-KIC accelerator program is underway. Eight founders will further develop their business ideas with the support of coaches. A prize money of up of €95’000 is available for the winners.

The Climate-KIC accelerator program supports promising startups to transform their ideas that have a high impact on climate change into a scalable business. The program is held in three stages: in the first stage, selected startups refine their business model, in the second stage, they validate their business model and focus on acquiring their first customers, and in the third stage, they are set for future of investment rounds and scaling. The grants offered at each stage are €20’000, €25’000 and €50’000 respectively.

These are the eight selected startups joining the program from April to September 2018.

KOMP-ACT – is developing cost-effective electric actuators for pneumatic replacement to reduce machineries energy consumption. This technology will reduce more than 100 millions of tons of CO2 per year whilst increasing the safety and performance of the equipment and vehicle using its products.

Oxara – the team behind Oxara are turning excavation material (construction waste) into sustainable concrete.

Daphne Technology – is developing a catalyst-free scrubber technology to help the petrochemical, power and transportation industries to reduce air emissions to the levels required by international and national regulations.

MeduSoil – the EPFL spin-off is developing engineering applications in urban and costal environments. By coupling traditional construction, practice with disruptive biochemical carriers Medusoil achieves reduced application costs, minimized equipment requirements and secures long-term resistance against failures and environmental threats.

KITRO – developing a solution to enable food and beverage outlets to optimize their performance by reducing avoidable food waste. Their KitroBox measures and analyses food wasted, thereby enabling users to react to their food waste behaviour.

Pickwings – Pickwings is a transport platform where carriers can find shipments to reduce their empty trucks. The pickup and delivery process is digital and documented to allow for shipment tracking, pallet management and incident management for every carrier.

REMRETEch – Recycling technology for strategically & technologically important rare earths from magnet e-wastes. The founder Ajay Patil aims to develop a portable recycling unit for e-waste and resource management.

UNISERS – Detection of trace-impurities in ultrapure water

Promising startups with ideas addressing climate change, but did not get the chance to be part of Climate-KIC cohort are invited apply for the Climate Launchpad not later than 10 May. Climate Launchpad is part of the EIT Climate-KIC, a European knowledge and innovation community, working towards a prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient society founded on a circular, zero-carbon economy.


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