Charité Digital Health award gives Komed Health a pass to the German market

14.05.2018 15:07
Luiza Dobra and Marc Borntäger

Komed Health’s communication platform is a day-to-day tool in large hospitals in Switzerland. The startup now has the chance to enter the German market, following their victory at the Charité Digital Health award ceremony in Berlin, Germany.

The Digital Health Award was organised within the framework of the Charité BIH Entrepreneurship Summit to present new technology-driven solutions in the healthcare industry. Selected startups presented their ideas and business concepts to investors and to an independent jury who selected the winner in each of the three categories: Digital Health, MedTech, and Pharma. Selection Criteria was based on the innovation, sound business model and impact.

The Swiss startup Komed Health won the category Digital health against 20 startups coming from different parts of the world. The startup not only received a cash prize, it gained exposure and interest from several hospitals in Germany including Charité. Follow up meetings have been already scheduled. This will give Komed a gateway into the German market. 

“Winning the award and generally getting so much positive feedback on our product from potential customers, investors and industry experts is of great value for our company. We strongly believe that there has never been a more real and substantial opportunity to change healthcare communication”, says Luiza Dobre, CEO and Founder of Komed.

Komed Health developed a tailor-made clinical communication platform to facilitate secure messaging and VoIP calling for enhanced communication as well as care coordination in healthcare institutions. Additionally, the platform includes a full suite of tools designed to improve clinical workflow such as pager replacement, and critical lab/imaging integration, thereby increasing productivity and patient satisfaction.  

Following several successful pilots with four hospitals, the biggest Swiss hospital - Insel, University Hospital of Bern decided to start the roll out and named Komed Health, “a quick win for digitalization".  The solution became a driver in Inselspital’s decision to develop a state of the art interoperable ecosystem. The solution facilitated adoption by the staff and created user satisfaction within a short span of time. Today, four additional Swiss healthcare institutions have installed the solution too and more than 400 healthcare professionals are using the solution for their daily communication.  

The Komed Health team has received interest to test and potentially roll out the platform from more than 30 hospitals in Switzerland, with some interest even coming from potential customers in Germany and in the UK.

Photo: Luiza Dobre, CEO & Founder and Marc Bornträger, CTO & Founder


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