Asia embraces Swiss tech

04.05.2018 14:29

This year, CES Asia, one of the largest expos in the automobile industry is featuring artificial intelligence (AI). Swissnex China has selected seven Swiss startups using AI technologies to showcase their solutions.

CES Asia is the premier event for the consumer technology industry, showcasing the full breadth and depth of the innovation value-chain in the Asian marketplace. Key global businesses visit the event to grow and reinforce their brand by highlighting the latest products and technologies.

This year, CES Asia has lunched “Artificial intelligence” as a new product category to present the latest advancements and new solutions based on AI. Players from different segments will exhibit some of the latest in big data analytics, speech recognition and predictive technology.

Swissnex China has selected seven startups to present their solutions. The audience will have the opportunity to exhibt Swiss AI technologies applied across a wide range of industries from wrist bands to farming.

The startup include;

Biowatch – designed and developed a wrist veins biometric reader that functions as a security/authentication solution.

Kenzen – creates health wearables to support its users in all dimensions of health.

Myotest – provides personalized smart coaching software and services for runners.

SoFlow – manufactures and sells e-mobility products and electric ride-ons.

Technis – transforms flooring into an intelligent platform.

Ubisim – creates interactive training for nursing students using Virtual Reality.

Urban Farmers  - builds commercial food production units in cities.

By participating in the event, startups have the chance to be on the same platform with large players in the industry, while swissnex China continues to promote and strengthen the China-Swiss relations. Swissnex China  makes its booth available free of cost to Swiss startups.


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