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A digital solution to the worldwide scourge of hypertension

22.05.2018 09:32
aktiia Team

The bracelet of aktiia enables the continuous, wireless measurement and monitoring of blood pressure with precision using a special technology developed by CSEM. The new start-up has already attract a solid basis of investors.

According to the World Health Organization, more than one in three adults suffers from hypertension, a condition which leads to 7.5 million deaths in the world each year. A major cause of strokes and heart attacks, hypertension is particularly devious, as it is often not detected in time. Developed more than a century ago, the traditional sphygmomanometer – that measures it using an armband – will at long last make way for a new technology combining comfort and reliability.

Up until now, no completely satisfactory solution has been found, such is the challenge of developing a suitable technology. Now CSEM has come up with the oBPM technology (optical blood pressure monitoring) which – using optical sensors and clinically validated algorithms – allows continuous measurement in a discreet way.

Aktiia plans to market a bracelet
Just created, the start-up aktiia will leverage this solution to market a bracelet that can collect this precious information. “We are going to create a precise, affordable tool that is certified by the health authorities,” explains Mattia Bertschi, co-founder and CEO of this new company, before stating: “The potential of this type of product has enabled us to quickly attract a solid base of investors”. “The sphygmomanometer 2.0 also aims to improve the prevention of hypertension, to better understand its causes, and to develop new approaches to treating it” adds Josep Sola, co-founder and CTO of aktiia. The new company is based at Neode in Neuchâtel.

From space to the wrist
The development of solutions for assessing the health of astronauts during space missions is the basis for CSEM’s competencies in the monitoring of vital signs. Its technology portfolio has already benefited interesting start-ups such as AVA and Biospectal. For its CEO, Mario El-Khoury, the creation of aktiia is a logical result of 10 years of work, and is a source of great satisfaction : “Digitalized health is a very promising domain for the Swiss economy, and CSEM’s cutting-edge know-how in sensors, the processing and transmission of data, and low power consumption will serve its growth.” Aktiia expects to put its product on the market around 2020.

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Picture: aktiia Team

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