The United States Food and Drug Administration grants Mindmaze clearance for MindMotion Pro

17.05.2017 14:25
MindMotion PRO

Medtech startup MindMaze working at the intersection of neuroscience and virtual reality, announces that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted it clearance. This allows Mindmaze to market their MindMotion PRO in the United States. Mindmaze also completed clinical trials of their a portable neurotechnology device MindMotion GO.

Each year in the U.S., about 800,000 people experience a stroke, resulting in direct and indirect losses of economic activity of $65 billion according to research published in The American Journal of Managed Care. MindMaze’s technology is specifically designed to help stroke patients and those with traumatic brain injuries start recovery early and continue it for maximum gains.

Based on MindMaze’s decade of work in the healthcare industry at the intersection of neuroscience and virtual reality, MindMotion PRO is the first upper-limb neurorehabilitation platform that uses proprietary 3D motion tracking cameras to help patients recovering from traumatic injuries and those suffering from acute and chronic strokes. Since introducing MindMotion PRO to the European market in 2013 and receiving its CE mark in 2015, hundreds of patients have used the platform for rehabilitation therapy.

Promoting therapy early and continuing it post hospitalization is critical for functional recovery, now, with 510(k) clearance, MindMotion PRO offers patients in the U.S., early intervention and higher engagement, Custom realtime and accurate tracking technology and Recovery past plateaus.

MindMotion PRO works by mapping a patient’s movements onto 3D avatars in customized interactive exercises that are based on standardized neurorehabilitation principles of upper limb rehabilitation and cognitive paradigms. By doing so, it re-activates damaged neural pathways and activates new ones.

“Our work at the forefront of neuroscience and virtual reality allows patients to recover faster and return more fully to the life they lived before injury,” explained Dr. Tej Tadi, CEO and founder of MindMaze. “Over the last decade, we’ve honed this therapy to be cost-effective for both patients and healthcare providers.”

Launch of MindMotion GO
Additionally, MindMaze has also introduced MindMotion GO, a first-of-its-kind mobile neurorehabilitation therapy device used to extend the therapy started with MindMotion PRO for sub-acute to chronic stroke patients.

Designed to be utilized in a hospital or clinical environment on an inpatient or outpatient basis, MindMotion GO is available exclusively in the European market to start and has been trialled by more than 250 patients across dozens of therapy centers in the UK, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. Due to the motivating effects of the 3D virtual environment based games, early results suggest an increased patient engagement and adherence to therapy. The device offers real-time multisensory feedback, and helps therapists to assess progress and tailor therapy to patient performance.

Research from the leading rehabilitation facility Clinique Romande de Réadaptation/EPFL in Sion, Switzerland, found that 90 percent of chronic stroke patients using MindMotion PRO reported heightened motivation to perform rehab, increased the potential for motor function recovery and that their training intensity doubled within the first ten sessions of using the platform. Additionally, Lausanne University Hospital-CHUV reported 100 percent of patients forgot they were in a hospital.

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