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Elanix ramps up commercialisation and marketing

03.05.2017 09:20

After the successful closing of a financing round, Elanix started the process of scaling up marketing of the first products and commercialisation worldwide. In addition, the biotech company based in Nyon broadens the product portfolio.

Elanix Biotechnologies AG, a developer of tissue regeneration products, signed an agreement with Apraxon to establish a logistics center near Frankfurt, Germany. In anticipation of expanded commercialization activities for Elanix’s topical women’s health cream, GYNrepair, the European logistics center will initially coordinate all storage and shipping of the product. Of significant importance will also be Apraxon’s ability to act as the logistical center for Elanix’s e-commerce platform, delivered through its subsidiary, Repair-A, which will provide customers an easy to use, secure and discreet ordering experience. Furthermore Elanix continues to negotiate with potential distributors to market more broadly its CFPC-Creams in Switzerland and Europe.

Elanix was founded in 2012 as a spin-out from the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV), Switzerland, to commercialize a patented human progenitor cell technology. In September 2016 Elanix Biotechnologies Ltd. acquired Repair-A Ltd. The company is also dedicated to the development and marketing of progenitor cell based bioactive CFPC creams. Since its founding in 2007, Repair-A has marketed two bioactive CFPC creams, based on animal progenitor cell technology that originated from Professor Lee-Ann Laurent Applegate`s research in Switzerland. Elanix is in the process of scaling up marketing of the products and commercialization worldwide.

Acquisition of third product
Elanix has also announced that Repair-A Ltd. has acquired a third cell free protein complex (CFPC ) product discovered in the Tec-Pharm laboratories of Professor Lee-Ann Laurent Applegate. Financial terms were not disclosed. This new cream could potentially be used to alleviate a significant dermatological condition and particularly for pediatric use, which affects over 10% of the population in developed countries. The bioactive CFPC creams include proteins, such as collagen and fibronectin that are important for skin repair.

“While this acquisition means we have broadened our product portfolio with a third bioactive CFPC dermatological cream, our immediate focus remains the international commercialization of our topical women’s health cream, GYNrepair, during the second quarter 2017,” stated Tomas Svoboda, CEO of Elanix Biotechnologies. “Our recently closed €4.76 million financing has provided the resources to deliver on this market launch as well as adding new product formulations when the opportunities arise.”


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