Four Swiss Fintech startups at the Tech Tour in Paris

11.05.2016 17:20

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At the Fintech summit in Paris the selected Top 20 European start-ups, among them four Swiss start-ups, presented their companies before the audience of over 120 members from the Fintech industry and Venture Capital market.

The Fintech Summit is an initiative of the Tech Tour and the International Venture Club focusing on showcasing the best investment opportunities within the Fintech industry in Europe. This year the summit was held in Paris and was attended by over 200 guests – including  over 30 Fintech entrepreneurs, 150 Venture Capital firms, Business Angels, Corporate, Institutional investors as well as key French stakeholders – who come together to network, collaborate and to foster the development of the high-tech innovation ecosystem in Europe.

François Briod, CEO and Co-Founder TawiPay comments, “The summit was very remarkable. It hosted high calibre participants including high-ranking officials in the French financial authorities (key French stakeholders, both public and private, Paris Europlace and CroissancePlus). The best part was however meeting and exchanging with other like-minded entrepreneurs. I am grateful that the event turned out successfully”.

20 selected European fintech start-ups presented their companies before the audience. These included companies from Belgium, France, Germany Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Switzerland represented by TawiPay, Cashsentinel, Monetas and Financefox.

The four Swiss startups are:

TawiPay: enables users to compare price charges for money transfer in abroad. The site compares over compare 466 money transfer operators and banks across 201 countries in 10 different languages

Cashsentinel: offers a modern, simple and secure means of payment for vehicle sales between private individuals and dealers.

 Monetas: provides of cryptofinance technologies to enable any type of transaction to be conducted instantly, privately, and securely.

Financefox: by combining consulting expertise from the traditional insurance business with advanced technology, Financefox enables users to handle insurance matters in a simple, accessible and transparent way. 

Kerry Agiasotis the President of Western Union Business Solutions was part of a panel of Fintech experts at the Tech Tour Summit in Paris. In this video he gives a brief commentary about the Tech Tour.


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