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Amphasys expands to China

02.05.2016 10:31

The Lucerne based startup Amphasys is entering the Chinese market with its highly innovative cell analysis solution. The patented “lab-on-chip” micro-technology enables efficient and reproducible determination of important cell characteristics such as size, viability, ploidy and developmental stages. This technology is already being used in 17 countries in 4 continents.

Amphasis' major focus lies in the market of pollen analysis for the seed industry. The company has developed portable equipment powered by rechargeable batteries to provide a label-free solution for microfluidic single cell analysis. This technology enables easy sample handling and outclasses other preparation methods making it possible to re-use samples after measurement. Analysis of pollen viability is a crucial step in the seed and fruit production because yield and quality of the harvest strongly correlate with pollen quality.

Amphasis’ technology has already been adapted in 17 countries in four continents. Similarly, two dozen customers, among them the global top market leaders Bayer, DuPont Pioneer, Limagrain, Monsanto and Syngenta are already counting on Amphasys’ technology. Amphasys therefore sees the Chinese market as the logical next step in their international expansion and as an ideal basis for the Asian market.

“The wave of interest we experience from seed companies is spreading from Europe and the USA to other parts of the world. It proves that there is a real need in the industry for easy and reliable pollen analysis,” says Dr. Marcel Ottiger, Executive Partner and Co-Founder of Amphasys. “We are excited to have been able to team up with a well-established local distributor for the Chinese market who meets our high expectations in terms of customer orientation and service quality.”

“We have been closely involved in providing unique solutions to large agricultural and seed companies. Working with Amphasys and their cutting edge technologies, comes as a natural fit to our product line and customer base” states Bryan Zhong, CEO of Manyara Biotech. “We are confident that our customers will immediately see and benefit from the high ROI that Amphasys’ solutions have to offer.”

About Amphasys
Amphasys is a Swiss high-tech company providing premium-quality, label-free solutions for analysis of single cell characteristics such as cell size and morphology, viability (apoptosis), or cell differentiation. The patented, chip-based technology eliminates time-consuming, complex sample preparation steps like cell labelling and the need of expensive laboratory infrastructure.


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