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8 startups selected for the SICTIC Investor Day

30.05.2016 09:00

Eight Startups have been nominated to pitch before the jury and the audience on the 26th SICTIC day. Investors and the audience will also have the opportunity to meet eight new and interesting investment opportunities in the IT space.

The SICTIC Investor Day is a matchmaking event where Internet startups pitch to find experienced investors and supporters. Nominated startups will pitch to the audience that will ask questions after each pitch. The event will take place on 22.6.2016, 17:00 at Impact Hub Viaduct.

The nominated startups are:

Boldomatic: The Instagram for words: developer of content-creation platform and community determined to become the number one source for everything text in both online and offline media.

Conprocs: Medical profiling to predict the clinical course of patients, to find the best treatment solution and to avoid side effects. Our customers are health insurances, the national ministry of health and the pharmaceutical industry.

do nxt: Monthly recurring crowdfunding for artists and creatives.

Faveeo SA: Help brands win in digital media, by helping them move beyond traditional advertising and engage with their audiences at scale on the topics that really matter to them. Artificial Intelligence Meets Content Marketing.

MusicFit: MusicFit turns the body into a music creator making the music fit the user’s workout.

Nucledo: Nucledo is a secure B2B tendering and purchasing platform that allows buyers and sellers to better communicate and collaborate in various languages and industries.

ScorePad: Tablet solution for musicians: use score of your choice, play as the users is used to, and synchronize orchestras. ScorePad fills the gap between PDF readers and complex applications.

SMEx: A Financial Services Platform built upon a concept of Community Currency Marketplace dedicated to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which offers each of its members an international bank-like account in 30 currencies with secure, fast and affordable payment feature.

All nominees will participate in a 90-minute elevator pitch in which the audience will select four best startups to partake in a 7 minute pitch and 5 minutes Q&A from the audience and jury.

Two start-ups will join as special guests: Cuciniale will give a demo of their smart cooking ware and Piavita AG which offers portable medical devices for reliable vital data measurements on animals for veterinarians and does Big Data analytics to detect sick animals.

Members of SICTIC community will have the opportunity to access startups’ business cases before the event. Non members are also welcome to join the community in order to benefit from member offers.


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