51 Swiss startups in the MassChallenge 2016 Cohort

19.05.2016 11:30

MassChallenge today unveiled more than 70 finalists for the 2016 accelerator program to be held near Lausanne this summer. This year’s class was selected from more than 450 applicants across a diverse range of industries and geographies, including 14 countries and from around Switzerland. 51 finalists from Switzerland have been nominated. These will head to Lausanne for access to global network and world-class resources.

Together with 70 of the world’s top entrepreneurs and investors from UBS, Waypoint Capital, VI partners and Beyond Investing, MassChallenge Switzerland has selected 70 finalists, including 51 Swiss startups, to make up the first cohort of 2016. As part of the accelerator, the finalists will have the opportunity to engage with high-profile speakers, expert mentors, and a global network of support throughout high-level corporate and governmental connections during the four-month program. Startups will also have free access to co-working space, wet lab, industry resources, and the prototyping lab located at UniverCity, the Renens open laboratory based in the upcoming Ateliers de la Ville de Renens, Vaud. 

“MassChallenge Switzerland has attracted top startups in some key high-growth industries that will be working on solving some of the world’s biggest problems,” said Stefan Dobrev, Founding Partner of MassChallenge Switzerland and Nestlé Global Portfolio Manager. “We are proud to be working with them to help create the solutions and jobs of the future.”

“We are excited to be welcoming our first cohort of very competitive and extremely high-impact international startups to our accelerator in June,” said Chris Thoen, Founding Partner of MassChallenge Switzerland and Sr VP Head of Global Science and Technology Givaudan SA. “We have managed to build an engaged community of entrepreneurs, mentors, and partners that are willing to provide the support and access required by the early stage startups to succeed. As we are non-for-profit and equity-free, we are completely focused on creating value and driving real change not only in our own community, but around the world.”

The finalists from Switzerland are:

Aerotain: shapes the drone revolution by building safe and friendly entertainment drones 

ARTMYN: ARTMYN technology revolutionizes the way Fine Art can be displayed, promoted and experienced on a screen

Blurred: the easiest way to make the first move while keeping a part of mystery: 15 messages to show who you are really are.

CARBON DELTA AG: Comprehensive Climate Change Risk Management

Cellphmed: sells the most comprehensive cell identity and quality assessment with broad personalized health applications.

Darix: Vizir combines thermal vision and augmented reality to give fire fighters a clear vision in dark and smoky environments. 

Fastree3D: Fastree3D imaging sensors help recognize and measure distance to fast moving objects in real-time, enabling automotive safety 

Eyewear: enables all computers, devices and robots to understand human actions with next-generation  machine vision algorithms.

Gait Up SA: Gait Up makes and sells next generation wearable technology for motion analysis in the sports, healthcare and wellness industries. 

Gamaya: Revolutionary solution for industrial agriculture to address food production and population growth challenges in a sustainable way 

homePad Solutions SA: provides the first simple and intuitive paperless solution for rental activities combined with a unique marketplace 

Hydromea: improve the knowledge about oceans and lakes by drastically cutting the measurement costs using swarms of miniature underwater robots. 

includeed: is a web platform that brings together employees, customers and companies around the topics of diversity and equal opportunities. 

Insolight: aims at doubling solar panels power generation, with disruptive innovation in optics

Lynoe: the voice of the youth, telling our stories with a completely platform and format agnostic content delivery system.  

MesenFlow Technologies: A Bioimaging Platform Service dedicated to accelerating Drug Development by using proprietary hi-throughput models of human disease.

MOVER:  enables any furniture designer and manufacturer to create adjustable ergonomic furniture.

CyanoGuard: innovative rapid naked eye tests for toxic cyanide in food, water and blood to improve environmental monitoring, food safety and healthcare

EzeCHieL: the EzeCHiel software assists physicians to individually adjust dosage of medicines based on the monitoring of blood drrug concetration.

Omsorgt24 AG: Marketplace in the internet to find a matching self employed caregiver - or vice versa to reach customers in Germany and Switzerland 

Overtea Sagl: manufactures design and creates the first 3D baby carrier with a built in hip seat in the world.

Pingen GmbH: makes the process of sending postal letters a commodity 

Planet Hort - learning sustainability in a playful way: Aims to integrate Education for Sustainable Development into after-school care.

Pristem: First Digital Radiography System for Emerging Markets (affordable, ultra-robust, all-in-one medical X-ray)

Zafaria: Online personal stylist powered by Artificial Intelligence

Qloudlab: Remote blood monitoring platform for the prevention of heart deseases

Rayform: integrates light redirection technology into products, allowing them to form highly detailed images when illuminated.

Rheon Medical: Rheon's medical technology offers the surgeon unprecedented control over the patients intra-ocular pressure, thereby optimising treatment and reducing complication rates.

ScienceMatters: ScienceMatters is a new open science initiative dedicated to publishing single, well-validated observations. 

Share A Dream: A communication platform that aims at connecting people to local NGOs to increase social awareness and allow anybody to have a direct impact 

SimplicityBio: uses patient data to discover signatures of complex diseases as cancer. These signatures are used for diagnostic and development of drugs.

Smart Home Technology: provides better IoT solutions for business customers based on advanced technology and scientific researches. 

Speaksli: an engaging multi-faceted language learning platform that helps to accelerate global cultural integration and economic empowerment. 

spectando: Spectando offers a novel and scalable solution to create virtual property tours easily and quickly with just a smartphone. 

Sterilux: a swiss medTech start-up developing a sterilization medical devices for hospitals in developing countries

SUN bioscience: High-throughput stem cell derived organoids for personalized medicine.

SwissDeCode: enables individuals to test DNAFoil to confirm their beef before eating it to building trust in the food supply chain.

Technis: combines the best engineering tools and machine learning techniques to revolutionise the way we interact with the floor. 

TFC-Simulations: Provide a common high-tech cheap platform for all kind of simulators, with all kits needed to build a specific vehicle. 

TwentyGreen: produces a greener natural feed supplement for more sustainable animal farming.

WeHike: is a one-stop website for Do-It-Yourself Hiking trips in 1 click. Join the hiking community and meet other outdoors lovers 

Xsensio: develops the first "Lab-on-SkinTM" sensing platform, to track biochemical information at the surface of the skin.

yalty: the first virtual HR manager for small companies in Switzerland

WECONNEX: developing and managing sustainable, entrepreneurial and innovative projects for decentralized infrastructure development.

Rethink Resource: Rethink your waste streams. Rethink offers a new market place and logistics solution that connects industries for a circular economy.

rqmicro Ltd: ultra-rapid detection of dangerous bacteria in water and food

Versantis: pharmaceutical company developing the first drug capture platform for the treatment of life-threatening intoxications.

Zero Hour: helps restaurant owners find workforce in less than 5 seconds

TreatED: innovative solution to treat erectile dysfunction in post-prostatectomy patients

Distran: ceates the next generation of smart sensors for mainatinance

Intento: an EPFL spinoff developing a wearable solution for the rehabilitation of upper limbs of paralyzed patients

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