Swiss start-up adapts human health research for animal uses

08.05.2015 13:18

Gour Medical, founded in 2014, is a Swiss based veterinary biomedical company leveraging the advances in human research and applying them to medical solutions for companion animals. Gour has recently in-licensed a compound from Actelion and has started a research partnership with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Gour was founded by an experienced team of scientists, operating at the junction between human and veterinary health and medicine, who came up with a simple idea: finding the best of human health and medical science research and make the drugs, knowledge and leading technologies available to our animal companions.

Recently, Gour Medical SA has entered into a definitive worldwide license agreement with Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd for the veterinary development of one of Actelion’s early-stage clinical dual orexin receptor antagonists, which the company had decided not to pursue further.

Gour plans to develop the compound and eventually bring to the market a new treatment to reduce anxiety, hypervigilance and restlessness in dogs during stress situations related to transport, loud noises and separation, a very large and still highly unmet medical need.

Gour plans to conduct a proof-of-concept study to establish the efficacy of the compound in reducing anxiety, hypervigilance and restlessness in dogs during transport.

In addition Gour signed a first research partnership with French National Center for Scientific Research CNRS for the development of recombinant monoclonal antibody for therapeutic use on dogs and cats.

Gour plans to develop a therapeutic recombinant chimeric monoclonal antibody and to launch it in the market. A first product is under development for the treatment of Atopic Dermatitis for dogs, a substantial and still unmet medical need. As a first step, Gour plans to conduct a proof-of-concept study to establish the efficacy of the recombinant chimeric antibody in this indication.

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