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Swiss security startup Securosys raises CHF 1M seed round

26.05.2015 15:32

Swiss security network appliance maker Securosys SA announced today the completion of its seed financing round. The startup, which has its headquarters at the Technopark in Zürich, Switzerland, has raised more than 1 million CHF from private Swiss investors.

Securosys CEO and co-founder Robert Rogenmoser, a Silicon Valley veteran, states that  «Securosys has strong traction with enterprise customers, particularly in the financial sector. We will use the funds to complete the design of our first product, a Hardware Security Module (HSM), which will ship before the end of the year». HSMs are used to generate truly random encryption keys and passwords, store them securely, as well as sign and authenticate transactions and messages.

This Swiss company aims to recover the trust in security network appliances by developing and manufacturing its products in Switzerland, free of contaminating influences. CTO and co-founder Andreas Curiger explains: «Cyber threats and attacks are becoming increasingly severe. We raise security for enterprises to levels that up until now were reserved to governmental organizations.»

Securosys’ first customer is in the Swiss banking sector. Rogenmoser adds that «Enterprises want products with industry leading performance from a trusted source - we provide that alternative.»

As Securosys is shaking up the security appliance market it joins the ranks of other security startups that take advantage of being under Swiss jurisdiction. Data protection and privacy appear to be replacing the banking secrecy as driving economic forces in Switzerland.

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