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PB&B wins Hightech Start-up Battle

19.05.2015 17:41

Two high-tech start-ups from Western Switzerland and one from Zurich were selected for the finals of the Startup-Battle: PB&B, ES Concept and New Greentec.

PB&B, a start-up from Lausanne, is active in the field of medical aesthetics. PB&B is positioning itself in the market of fillers and fat transfer procedures. Market entry strategy is directed towards anti-aging and facial rejuvenation of the mid-facial area. The technology uses biodegradable microspheres loaded with lipids. The microspheres are injected and then release fat in a controlled manner. Wrinkles are covered and signs of aging removed. Wrinkles will disappear for 20 months on average; longer than with any dermal filler.

Yesterday, PB&B convinced the jury of experts at Startzentrum Zurich of its technology and won the top spot among highly innovative hightech startups. PB&B’s. Dr. Sandeep Raghunathan, Founder of PB&B, on winning the award: „The title of Best Swiss Hightech-Startup is a validation of our business and also the hard work that we have put into developing it. The final of the Startup-Battle will also be an excellent opportunity to showcase our company to potential investors and partners.”

The president of the jury, Thomas Koller, commented: „The rapidly growing ageing society in many countries presents a large and lucrative market. PB&B’s method of reducing wrinkles with a natural method fulfils a concrete need.“

Yesterday, the following two additional start-up companies also qualified for the finals at Startupfair:

The „Startup-Battle“ is an integral part of Startupfair, the largest national convention for the innovation industry. Swiss start-ups compete in three qualification rounds to become „Best Swiss Internet Startup 2015“, „Best Swiss High Tech Startup 2015“ and „Best Swiss Digital Startup 2015“. The top three of each category in addition to one wildcard participant advance to the finals held at Startupfair on July 2, to battle it out for the overall title of “Best Swiss Startup 2015“.

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