Faceshift signs industry veteran for US office

31.05.2013 09:46

Faceshift, developer of software for real-time motion capture, opens an office in San Francisco. It will be headed by Doug Griffin. He previously worked for some of the biggest names in the industry, including ILM, EA, and ImageMovers Digital.

Faceshift’s new office in San Francisco is close to the west-coast clients in LA and Vancouver, and the company will be able to support its North-American clients in their own time-zone. The team will be working over the next few weeks on setting up the office while reaching out to entertainment clients in select cities.

Doug Griffin has a long history in visual effects, console, and mobile gaming. He previously worked for some of the biggest names in the industry. He’s worked on films such as Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Mummy Returns, Van Helsing, Harry Potter, and many others. His gaming career dates all the way back to the original Rainbow 6, and includes over 25 other console and mobile games such as Tiger Woods, Need For Speed, and Skate. He’s the former VP of Product and Strategy at Vicon.

Faceshift’s CEO Thibaut Weise comments: “Doug’s broad experience with motion capture in film, console and mobile games will help us to better connect with these markets.” And Doug Griffin says: “The ability to stream directly onto character blend-shapes in real time … without expensive hardware, annoying markers, and weeks of post … is remarkable. Now artists and directors can focus on iteration and bringing out the character in the performance.”

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