Andrew Alliance signs several distribution agreements for Europe and Canada

14.05.2013 09:53

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Andrew Alliance S.A., the manufacturer of the innovative Andrew pipetting robot, has signed distribution agreements for Switzerland, Canada and the Scandinavian markets.

Andrew Alliance S.A. has recently introduced an innovative development to liquid handling in the Life Science Industry, the Andrew pipetting robot. Making liquid handling easier to integrate in the existing laboratory workflow, it will ultimately improve the efficiency of laboratory operations, by taking reproducibility to manual pipetting and improving the working conditions and the effectiveness of technicians and scientists in the laboratory. Andrew Alliance takes the experience of more than 100 years of development in the life science industry, combined with novelty and unprecedented ergonomics in software (Andrew Assistant) and hardware (Andrew).  The Andrew robot has been recently awarded as “New Product of the Year” by the Society of Laboratory Automation and Screening, among 66 new products launched in 2013.

In April Andrew Alliance announced the establishment of an exclusive distribution agreement for the Swiss market with Sysmex Digitana A.G., the Swiss subsidiary of Sysmex Europe. Sysmex Europe is a reference provider of solutions in the field of Life Sciences, Hematology, Pathology and Point of Care.

End of April an announcement followed regarding the Scandinavian markets. Biolab A/S, based in Denmark, and Andrew Alliance S.A. inked an exclusive distribution agreement for Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Biolab A/S is a 40 years old Danish-owned distributor focused on sales and support of laboratory equipment.

And in May M. H. Montreal Biotechnologies Inc. (MBI), a renowned reference for Canadian scientists, and Andrew Alliance S.A announced the establishment of an exclusive distribution agreement for Canada. MBI has local representation in every major geographical area in Canada, delivering assistance and guidance for the introduction and exploitation of new technologies through their nation-wide organization and network, across multiple markets including cell culture, molecular biology, immunology, and clinical diagnostics.

Andrew Alliance S.A. is an independent Swiss company, privately financed, based in the canton of Geneva. The company has been created in March 2011 by a founding team that counts more than 100 years of experience in the sector of instrumentation for the Life Sciences. The development of the underlying technology had started in 2010, with the purpose of commercializing easy to use robots to the benefit of the Life Science community.

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