SteriLux and Kido Dynamics receive CHF 900’000 growth loans

06.03.2019 15:30

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SteriLux's SterOx

The medtech startup SteriLux developing a sterilization device received CHF 500'000 while Kido Dynamics operating a data analytics platform for smart cities obtained CHF 400’000. The funds will enable the startups to accelerate growth.

SteriLux and Kido Dynamics have convinced the jury of the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) with their outstanding ideas, resulting in the bestowal of FIT Tech Growth loans.

Marketing and Testing
SteriLux received CHF 500’000. The medtech startup has developed a simple, effective and affordable medical-device sterilization solution. The patented technology is based on the use of ultraviolet radiation to activate oxygen in the air ozone thus initiating sterilization. This ecological process is carried out at room temperature and sterilizes in particular instruments sensitive to heat and humidity.

After four years of research, development and validation tests, the sterilization device, called SterOx System, is now ready for the market. SterOx is certified for terminal sterilization of stainless steel instruments. The startup plans to extend the sterilization capabilities of the device to more complex instruments such as endoscopes.

The funds granted by FIT will finance marketing activities for the SterOx, and the extensive compatibility tests, as reported by Marc Spaltenstein, the CEO of SteriLux. The start-up wants to help reduce the scale and costs associated with nosocomial infections around the world.

Funds for growth and expansion
Kido Dynamics, founded in 2018, obtained CHF 400'000. The startup combines machine learning with algorithms inspired by social physics and quantum mechanics to obtain the most advanced information related to the flow of individuals in increasingly complex transport systems.

Quality travel data is needed both to describe existing situations and to help identify problems related to the management of transport networks. The demand for such data is becoming increasingly important around the world, with 70% of the world’s population living in urban areas by 2050. According to Forbes, 5 out of 10 smart city priorities are closely linked to mobility people: transport, security, new developments, remote areas and smart lighting.

The FIT loan will help to strengthen the company’s growth in high-potential markets such as the Middle East, Asia and Latin America, says Ignacio Barrios. Currently, the startup  has consolidated operations in Spain and Brazil, and projects underway in Qatar, Sweden, Malaysia and Oman.

(Press release/ran)
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