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McLaren Racing and MindMaze announce partnership

07.03.2019 17:10
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Together McLaren and MindMaze will develop and design «MindDrive», a safety and performance technology tailored for motorsport. The collaboration starts at the 2019 Indianapolis 500 race in May.

Today, McLaren Racing and Vaud-based unicorn MindMaze announced a strategic partnership for the 103rd edition of the Indy 500 race. The technology partnership will see the companies collaboratively design and develop «MindDrive», the next generation of safety and performance platforms tailored for motorsport.

Using MindMaze’s brain-sensing technology, the product will be capable of capturing and transmitting key neural signature from the driver to a track-side medical team in real-time in the event of an incident. The technology will also enable McLaren Racing to gather data and insight on overall driver safety and performance. Together, Mc Laren and MindMaze will rigorously test MindDrive’s functionality during the team’s preparations for the racing event in May.

«We’ve admired MindMaze’s innovative approach to neuroscience for some time now. This partnership has the potential to deliver a real step in the safety of the sport», comments Bob Fernley, President McLaren IndyCar.

(Press Release)
(Picture: Pixabay)

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