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WayRay wins two awards and a pilot project with Porsche

01.03.2018 10:10
wayRay HUD

The Lausanne based WayRay specialising in holographic augmented reality navigation system for advanced connected cars was honoured with two awards at the Startup Autobahn ceremony. The team showcased the results of its joint pilot project with Porsche.

STARTUP AUTOBAHN is an innovation platform which unites global young tech companies with the unrivalled tech expertise of Silicon Valley and the best of German engineering. In the recent edition of the three months acceleration program 33 tech startups from all over the world were incubated to develop solutions in conjunction with large organisations the automobile industry. The aim was to allow the partners to validate and pilot their technologies on a neutral platform, moderated by Plug & Play. In total, 64 projects were assigned to the startups and 11 corporate companies.

One of the joint projects was run by the Swiss-based AR startup WayRay and the automotive manufacturing company, Porsche. Together they are building the next generation of augmented reality head-up displays, and deliver on the possibilities AR holds for in-car infotainment.

“Taking part in STARTUP AUTOBAHN gives us the perfect conditions to work closely with industry partners on revolutionary new in-car AR infotainment solutions, and crucially, to test multiple pilot projects in a short space of time,” Andrey Shelomentsev, VP of Strategic Partnerships at WayRay.

At completion of the program, WayRay and peers showcased their projects to the audience and the winners were awarded. WayRay received two awards: the AR/VR category as well as the People’s Choice Award for the best pitch.

WayRay is a global company based in Lausanne (Switzerland) that develops holographic augmented reality technologies for advanced connected cars. WayRay's multicolored Holographic AR display device is designed to transform the windshield into a new medium of information. It has the greatest field of view (FOV) on the market and is capable of multicolored virtual objects creation.

The system is far more compact than traditional mirror and lens technology, and allows for a high-resolution projection at a comfortable distance for drivers' eyes. Moreover, the technology allows the solution to act like a fully-featured non-wearable augmented reality infotainment system. The system uses AR to display real-time indicators for detection of road obstacles and pedestrians, displaying points of interest or alerting the driver to hazards.

WayRay and Honda miniaturize HUD
In their participation at the Honda Xcelerator, WayRay and Honda worked together to explore solutions to miniaturize WayRay’s AR head up display (HUD) optics in order to allow for deployment in smaller vehicles and improving performance.

In 2017, WayRay announced a partnership with Harman International (USA) to integrate a prototype into their own system, and a partnership with Banma Technologies Co., a Chinese joint venture between Alibaba Group and China’s largest automaker SAIC Motor, aimed at developing internet-connected cars.

The most recent round B from Alibaba and existing investors brings WayRay’s total capital raised to $30M.

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