Safekee strengthens Ticino Blockchain scene

20.03.2018 17:10

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Swiss Blockchain Technology, a Lugano Blockchain startup launched safekee, a decentralized solution designed to enhance the security of crypto assets and the safety of crypto-space users. This launch brings yet another innovative product that elevates Ticino’s current Blockchain status.

Swiss Blockchain Technology is a hardware blockchain technology startup headquartered at the Centro Promozione Start-Up in Lugano. The startup is developing innovative hardware-based security technology solutions, aimed at building a secure foundation for tomorrow’s Crypto Finance and Blockchain-based applications.

One of their products is the recently launched «safekee», the world’s first remote decentralized cryptokeys cold storage service. Safekee is a mobile wallet that enables cryptospace users to easily and securely generate, store and manage their cryptographic private keys. The solution is compatible with multiple crypto wallets and Blockchain platforms, thereby addressing the security needs of stakeholders in the field – such as individuals, organizations, crypto exchanges, crypto funds, ICOs, fiduciary operators, institutions, and smart contracts developers.

Blockchain elevates Ticino
With Safekee, the canton of Ticino delivers yet another innovative Blockchain solution. Owing to its long-standing financial tradition and continued support for fintech startups, the Canton Ticino laid a strong foundation for further developments, particularly, Blockchain and crypto technologies. Not only have new solutions emerged; the canton has already implemented them as well. Last year Chiasso was the first city to accept Bitcoin as currency for paying a small part of taxes.

Several players have appeared in the scene to sustain this development. For instance, Cryptopolis – the Chiasso based association aimed at promoting an ecosystem for blockchain, cryptographic technologies and fintech in the south of Europe – plays a significant role in Ticino. “The Crypto valley association” from Zug also launched an additional initiative for the southern part of Switzerland: the Southern Alps Chapter.

Other Startups have too continued to flourish in Tecino. These include:

Digital identity SA manages blockchain projects such as Eidoo, a blockchain-to-human interface designed to simplify the communication and interaction between the blockchain and its users. 

Hive Power is a spin-off funded at University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) developing a platform for managing and optimizing energy exchange between producers and consumers using blockchain based on energy tokens (Hive Power Token).

AidCoin developed a platform based on blockchain (AidChain) to facilitate transparency of charity transactions.


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