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Morphotonix arouses great interest at key fairs

09.03.2018 08:02
Morphotinix technology

Morphotonix’ customers in automotive and professional lighting have already products secured with the start-up’s technology on the market. To convince more customers the Morphotonix team showcase their technology at several fairs. The exhibition of a project with scientific and industrial partners was particularly successful.

Based at EPFL Innovation Park , Morphotonix has been consistently showcasing its technological expertise in providing anti-counterfeiting and authentication solutions, at various key professional fairs, arising interest in Switzerland and Germany. We talked with Veronica Savu, CEO of the startup about the successful exhibition at Swiss Plastics.

Can you tell us more about the project showcased at Swiss Plastic?
The project brought the latest innovations in plastic molding via a live demo at Swiss Plastics in Luzern in 2017. It was organized together with FHNW and 5 industrial partners, each with specific expertise in the field of plastic processing.

What was the contribution of Morphotonix?
We integrated a passport-grade security design element in the plastic part. We did this without printing on the part or adding taggants or labels. The 100% material purity was preserved via nano-engraving the steel mold with nano-precision elements. Having no additives is important in medical consumables, packaging that comes in contact directly with food and nutraceuticals, or small products that have to have a clear and distinctive mark of their originality. What differentiates us from other technologies is the nano-engraving of free-form steel molds with complex designs and a lifetime compatible with that of the mold itself.

What makes this project important?
For us it was the opportunity to show live the ease of implementation of our technology. Visitors stopped by the booth and asked how did we get the visual effects embedded in the plastic out of the molding machine directly. It was also a time to share our latest news with local clients and partners. The success of the project lead to a second live molding demo during Fakuma later that year.

Can you remind us what your company does and when it was founded?
Morphotonix was founded in the summer of 2014 as a result of client demand for easy-to-implement and to detect, consumable-free anti-counterfeiting solutions. The core platform is based on decades of expertise in novel nano-patterning technologies. Our solutions secure polymeric articles against illegal copies, all with zero consumables and no post-processing. We do that by nano-engraving the molds with uncopiable security features, which are replicated into the products during the manufacturing step.

What are the next steps for Morphotonix?
Our customers in automotive and professional lighting have already products secured with our technology on the market. We are working further with industries for which it is now possible to address high-security, large-volume production needs: nutraceuticals, medical consumables, electro-technical products, agro-chemicals.

The next months will be very active for Morphotonix.  The startup founded by Dr. Veronica Savu and Dr. Vaida Auzelyte will present its solution this May in Orlando, Florida (US) during the leading plastic trade show and conference NPE2018, as part of the Swiss Pavilion. Both female founders are looking foward to make the world safer with Swiss quality and security.



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