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Gamaya brings ex-Syngenta executive on board

13.03.2018 17:21

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The Agtech startup Gamaya has appointed Thomas Peyrachon, former Senior Marketing and Business Development Manager at Syngenta to the position of Chief Marketing Officer. Peyrachon will lead the Marketing and Sales activities of the company and support its rapid development.

Following the launch of its first solution for sugarcane growers in Brazil the Vaud based Gamaya, providing advanced solution for diagnostics of farmland using a unique constellation of patented hyperspectral imaging technology, drone-based deployment and artificial intelligence, has now strengthened its marketing department with a new Chief Marketing Officer: Thomas Peyrachon.

Peyrachon is an agronomist and agribusiness expert who held various regional and global management positions for Syngenta and other international companies working in seeds, crop protection, integrated crop solutions and sustainable agriculture projects.

In his previous assignments, he worked both in emerging and developed markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas. In recent years, he worked closely with Brazil, Argentina and the United-States when leading the development of an integrated solution combining Syngenta’s seeds and crop protection products with innovative Precision Ag services which resulted in increased sales and customer value. Lately, he led the Business Development and Adjacent Technologies function for Syngenta’s Seedcare business, one of the company’s most profitable and fast-growing unit.

At Gamaya, Thomas Peyrachon will be supervising marketing and sales activities, starting from Brazil and Latin America, streamlining Gamaya’s portfolio of projects, services and products to help to establish the company as a leading global crop intelligence provider.

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