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Beqom's solution to serve 200'000 employees worldwide

28.03.2018 09:50

Beqom has been entrusted manage HR compensation processes for Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, technology services, and digital transformation. Beqom’s Total Compensation Solution will be implemented to support the 200,000 Capgemini employees worldwide.

Capgemini a needed a single, sustainable, and secure cloud-based solution to cover the full scope of its compensation management needs. Beqom, with its cloud-based total compensation management solutions was a best match. The two started a project in August 2017, with a successful phase 1 rollout in India to cover variable compensation processes of 42,000 employees.

Capgemini has now entrusted beqom with the responsibility of managing its HR compensation processes in future. Beqom will implement its solution in simulation and budget modeling, conducting compensation reviews, and managing the administration, Bonus and LTI (Linear time-invariant) processes.

Kris Bezzant, EVP, Group Compensation & Benefits, at Capgemini, commented: “beqom’s solution provides the flexibility and agility while meeting the critical elements of compliance and control, that Capgemini requires for our varied worldwide compensation management environment.”

With beqom, Capgemini will have a global view of their compensation processes. Coordinating with more than 200 units in 47 countries beqom will allow Capgemini to manage the global environment in a single solution, drastically reducing the time needed to manage current processes. In addition, its future compensation management needs are being prepared, with beqom providing the flexibility to manage them.

“The challenges Capgemini faced around unifying all compensation processes globally on a single platform, made beqom a perfect fit," said beqom COO, Stephan Pohl. This is another great example of beqom supporting large HR transformation and digitalization projects whilst integrating seamlessly with any HR suite and IT environment.”

(Press release/ran)

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