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Ambrosus wins Swiss Coffee Alliance as partner

13.03.2018 16:26

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Ambrosus, a blockchain-IoT platform for food and pharmaceutical enterprises, has entered into partnership with the Swiss Coffee Alliance (SCA), one of the largest coffee trade-groups in Europe. The two parties seek to build a foundation for a more sustainable and equitable supply chain and unearthing new operating efficiencies.

While global coffee revenues soared from $30 billion in 1991 to $81 billion in 2016, smallholder coffee farmers have seen their incomes wither from 40 percent to under 10 percent in the same period, reports Fairtrade International. The collaboration between Ambrosus and the SCA (one of the largest coffee trade-groups in Europe) aims to correct a key dysfunction in the global coffee value chain: The unethical distribution of profits throughout the ecosystem. This will be achieved through combining Ambrosus' proprietary sensor-to-blockchain technology and the SCA's network of partners.

Claudinei Monteiro, the Swiss Coffee Alliance’s Chief Technology Officer says: “This is a truly transformative collaboration that captures the full essence and spirit of Swiss ingenuity. With the Swiss Coffee Alliance's deep sector-expertise and Ambrosus' unrivaled decentralised supply-chain solution, we are going to create a more profitable and equitable ecosystem for all parties in the production line, with a key emphasis on those who have been abandoned by Wall Street.”

The Swiss Coffee Alliance is a trade group providing scientific, technological and innovation expertise to companies along the entire coffee value chain — from farmers and roasters to product developers, manufacturers and retailers. The organisation empowers companies to optimise their business processes, enhance their product lifecycle management, and develop and launch their next innovation. With world-class partnerships in research and development, the Swiss Coffee Alliance is uniquely positioned to support customers in everything from concept creation and design to engineering, manufacturing and after-sales.

Besides SCA, Ambrosus continues to attract new partners with their technology. This week the startup announced yet another partnership with the Online advertising platform and marketplace Gvanga. Following this partnership Gvanga now accepts Amber (AMB) for products supplied by farmers whose products’ quality is recorded on Ambrosus. Amber provides the utility of verifying the existence of data pertaining to the quality of products. The marketplace only permits verified farmers to accept Amber and the tokens are released only after the relevant data confirming the quality is supplied. Amber can later be used to gain utility offered by Ambrosus Ecosystem.

As reported by the EconoTimes, the startup was selected as the first blockchain project to become an official partner of the United Nations 10YFP, which is responsible for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and is coordinated by the Federal Department of Economic Affairs of Switzerland. Officially endorsed by EIT Food, Ambrosus has received financial backing from the Government of the Canton of Vaud as well as from its token sale.

About Ambrosus
Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Ambrosus strives to overcome the current deficiencies and challenges of current global food supply chains and markets by implementing and combining blockchain technologies, high-end sensor designs and information databases integrated in the system of smart contracts and Amber utility tokens (AMB) related to them. The system uses the series of bio-sensors plugged in to the Internet that track down all the stages of supply chains focusing primarily on foodstuff and pharmaceuticals.


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