Swie.io wins competition at Pioneers Asia

Stefan Kyora

28.03.2016 09:44
swie.io Pioneers

The Pioneers Asia 250 is an annual selection of the 250 most promising tech startups in Asia and from around the world. Two Swiss start-ups have been selected. One of them, Swie.io, has won the pitch competition for early stage start-ups at the event.

Only 250 selected start-ups can participate at Pioneers Asia. These 250 companies will be identified in cooperation with the community and a limited number of selected key players. Among the start-ups were two Swiss companies: BestMile and Swie.io.

From the Pioneers Asia 250, a jury nominates finalists to participate in 3 start-up programs: Pioneers 90 Seconds Pitch, Pioneers Asia Challenge, Pioneers Showroom. The 90 Seconds Pitch is the pitch competition focused on early stage startups, giving participants a global stage and media exposure. 2016 marks the first 90 Seconds Pitch competition in Asia.

The winner of this competition is Swie.io, a company that works with partner manufacturers to offer a flexible, Industry 4.0 experience to low volume, customized customers. According to a report of the Science and Technology Office of the Swiss Embassy in Tokyo Swie.io’s CEO, Ben Zhai, impressed the jury with his clear vision on creating the next-generation platform for agile electronics manufacturing and guaranteeing the shortest lead time in the industry.

Swie.io is a brand owned by Swissmic S.A., headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. It has customers from Europe and the US, with sales of tens of thousands of USD. In Sept 2015 it closed its angel round from Chinese investors.

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