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15.03.2016 09:27

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Swiss medtech start-up Peripal achieved the first closing of its Series A financing round. Peripal develops a novel patient aid device for home dialysis.

Peripal was founded by ETH and industry experts and has closed a seed round previously. It has now executed its first closing of a Series A financing round to advance product development and launch the products. Among its new investors are the StartAngels Network (SAN), Zürich, (with E. Platzer as Lead Investor), as well as Zürcher Kantonalbank and Aargauische Kantonalbank. “We expect our Peripal System to facilitate the therapy process and to shorten training times. By making home dialysis easier and safer for patients, we also help to reduce healthcare costs”, says Dr. Sandra Neumann, founder and CEO of Peripal AG.

Peripal AG’s product addresses a key step in home dialysis: the manual connection of dialysis tubings to patients’ catheters. This handling by patients/relatives requires dexterity and car-ries the risk of infection, thereby posing a critical hurdle to home dialysis. Each day, more than 1 million such connections are performed worldwide.

“With the Series A financing, for which there may be a second close in May, we will further invest into the industrialization and expand the team”, says Reto Koch, chairman of the board.

Chronic kidney failure increases at a rate of 2-4% annually, driven by age, diabetes, and hy-pertension. With the support of Peripal AG’s patient aid device, more patients can receive their therapy in a home setting as opposed to the hospital, resulting in considerable healthcare cost reductions and, hopefully, improved quality of life.

About Peripal AG
Peripal AG is an ETH start-up developing medical devices to facilitate dialysis. Its vision is to allow more dialysis patients to be treated at home.
There exist about 3 million dialysis patients worldwide and about 300’000 of these perform their dialysis at home with the so-called peritoneal dialysis. Each one of these patients needs to manually connect a catheter to a dialysis product several times a day. Peripal AG’s patient aid supports such a connection.

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