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PapayaPods launches a solution to transform the rental housing industry

24.03.2016 13:15

The web-based application,, is taking rental housing industry to another level. With their newly launched platform students, young professionals and landlords are now able to manage the entire rental process over the internet. The platform not only provides quicker results but it also allows real-time communication between the landlord and the tenant. is a web-based application that allows landlords and tenants to manage the entire rental process - from listing the apartment or room, organising visits, choosing the right tenant, to the booking and move-in, as well as the stay and the eventual move-out. There is no need to re-list their property once the tenant has moved out. The platform allows users to re-activate their vacancy either manually or automatically depending on one’s personal preference.

“Having personally experienced extreme difficulty in finding any form of accommodation during my studies, struggling to find accommodation as an entrepreneur and knowing that I am not the only one with this issue, my personal motivation for this project to succeed, is to be able to prevent other people from having to endure the struggles of integrating into a new city, and finding accommodation,” Says Alex Just, CEO PapayaPods.

PapayaPods is here to tackle some of the most pressing issues of the rental housing sector: the fragmented manner in which available rooms for rent are currently advertised, the lack of transparency with decision making, and the enormous amount of time that has to be invested by both landlords and tenants throughout the entire process.

To solve this problem PapayaPods was established. Alex Just explains, “The objective behind PapayaPods is to automate processes, make them paperless and allow real-time communication. The workflow is designed so that organising visits and closing a booking is faster and simpler, whether you are listing an apartment or searching for one and waiting for an answer.”

PapayaPods is not only limited to the peer-to-peer community. Various other stakeholders involved in the rental housing industry can use it to their advantage. Real estate agencies, for example, are able to list the properties they manage on the site, and instead of handling applications over the phone, via email or in person, they can receive digital dossiers, which contain all the relevant documents they require from potential tenants. This speeds up the application process and makes it more convenient for both the agency and the prospective tenant.

PapayaPods' team is young and international, with individuals coming from Switzerland, New Zealand, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, the UK, France and the US with backgrounds in hospitality management, IT and software development, consulting and real estate development.


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