Go Beyond teams up with EBAN and NEXT Wave to increase the number of female business angels

29.03.2016 14:30

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As part of next Next Wave’s new initiative, Go Beyond and EBAN have joined forces to create the first ever “Rising Tide Program”  in Europe. This has gathered 99 women across Europe to put together over 1 million Euro to fund the program for Early Stage Investments. Go Beyond Investing is leading the European program. Brigitte Baumann, CEO Go Beyond Investing, is one of the nine lead investors in Europe.

The Rising Tide Angel Training Program is an innovative way to learn-by-doing as an angel investor. The program will include online educational materials, podcasts, angel investor office hours, quarterly live webinars and Q & A sessions, as well as access to the deal room on Portfolio. The program creates opportunities for local, regional, and national events, including a women’s investor summit in Boulder, Colorado in 2016, which is sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation.

The initiative seeks to narrow the gender gap in angel investing by providing women the education and training they need to become accomplished angel investors, while offering them a unique learning opportunity that allows them to build a diversified portfolio of investments, receive mentoring by women who are experienced angel investors, as well a diversified online education & training program. 

The program will invest in 7-10 deals over a 12-18 month period. The lead investors are nine women with significant angel investing experience who want to support a new generation of angel investors investing a minimum of € 10 000 each. The other 90 investors are women that are new and emerging angel investors (investing € 10 000 - € 30 000 each) and will learn about angel investing both via training sessions and being able to see how the 9 experts conduct due diligence and make the investments. All will be accredited investors as applicable in various countries.

Go Beyond Investing is leading the European program. It is led by Brigitte Baumann, President Emeritus EBAN, EBAN Angel Investor of the Year 2014. Brigitte and Candace Johnson, the President of EBAN, will be one of the 9 leaders of the Program. Brigitte Baumann is the Founder and CEO of Go Beyond Early Stage Investing. Go Beyond enables novice & experienced, small & large investors, to access angel investing as an asset class through its unique platform, tools, training and expert angels. Go Beyond works with individual investors, family offices, professional groups/associations and corporations. Go Beyond operates in Europe and the US. Brigitte is a Business Angel since 2003 and has received The European Investor of the Year from EBAN in May 2015.


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