Gamaya concludes the StartSummit 2016 in jubilation

Ritah Ayebare Nyakato

21.03.2016 15:43

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Gamaya StartSummit

The StartSummit 2016 gathered more than 1500 international like-minded people in St Gallen on Friday and Saturday. In diverse sessions speakers and startups had the opportunity to present topics around Entrepreneurship particularly focusing on Israel and showcase their business respectively. Gamaya hence concluded the Summit as the prizewinner of the START Summiteer 2016.

Every year, the student-led organising team gathers exceptional students, startups and investors from all over the world to exchange ideas and learn from each other. For the first time the conference was organised at OLMA Messe. The event occupied an entire exhibition hall. The conference laid a favourable entrepreneurial atmosphere for participants from all over the world to show case themselves, learn about the various possibilities of being successful founders and to meet peers as well as startup experts who highlighted some of the factors that are necessary for young talents to transform innovative ideas into startups.

In diverse settings and topics, keynote speakers gave their inputs in relation to startups. For instance, Jose Luis Cardeiro, chair of the Venezuela Node of The Millennium Project, at Singularity University Silicon Valley held his speech with the theme The Futue of the Future to convey how technologies are constantly changing humanity. Also other speakers such as Eric Giler, CEO Origin Wireles: Ohad Plotnic, founder of Aorato from Israel: The Entrepreneurship Start in an Execution State of Mind. In his speech he highlighted some of the factors that make Israel a successful country for startups. 

Focusing on Israel, Anat Bar-Gera, founder Youmee Africa and Daniel Gutenberg, VI Partners, discussed some of the reasons as to why Israel is a successful startup nation and what Switzerland should learn from Israel’s success. Most important, Anat emphasised that Israel has come its current standpoint because of its education system and they should also be adequately supported and mentored. In Israel students are groomed to become entrepreneurs and this has made them determined to establish their own ventures. She thus advises that Swiss Universities should adapt entrepreneurship at an early stage and avail young talents with the necessary skills and resources.

Another highlight of the event was the Tech and Switzerland panel led by sound personalities including Sunnie Groenveld, Digital Zurich 2025, (Alexander Illic, Dacuda, Patrick Kuenzler, Limbic Chair, Rasmus Nuthorn, Kessel Solar and Patrick Warnking, Google Switzerland). They discussed Switzerland’s status in relation digital technology. Despite the country’s economic stability the panel insists that there is still much needed to be done for Switzerland to present itself as an integrated technology hub and to compete with the rest of the world’s best.

Gamaya wins the contest
As part of the Summit, Startups from all over the Europe pitched to the audience in two rounds. Gamaya, a Swiss Ag Tech startup, convinced the jury with its revolutionary solution for industrial agriculture, achievments and the passion of the team. The Swiss startup won the pitch contest and was awarded with 10,000 Swiss Francs, which they will use to further develop their project.

Gamaya is disrupting the agricultural industry by developing an innovative comprehensive framework for large scale analytics of farmland. The company provides agronomists and farmers with the solution for monitoring and diagnostics of issues affecting crops, including disease, nutrient deficiency and environmental stress. This solution empowers farmers to achieve significant economic gains thus facilitating the production of quality products and reduces negative environmental impact.

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