3BaysOver: Networking Platform for the Tourism Industry

18.03.2016 11:00

3BaysOver officially launches its online B2B-networking platform for the global tourism industry. Tourism professionals can now sign up to 3BaysOver and instantly network with their peers from over 150 countries. Users can search for and communicate with tourism professionals, showcase themselves and their companies, promote business events, and manage membership directories.

Networking in the tourism industry has been slow to adapt to the new and ever-changing demands of the professionals who depend on it. Current tools lack the engagement and immediacy that people have come to expect in today's digital world. 3BaysOver offers a real solution to these problems and provides all tourism companies, regardless of location or resources, with easy access to industry networking tools, all year-round and free of charge. 

The platform operates in a similar way like LinkedIn, although designed for only professionals in the tourism industry. Andy Ryan, CEO of 3BaysOver explains the differences between the two platforms: "There is of course a bit of overlap between LinkedIn and 3BaysOver since they are both professional networks, but while LinkedIn is a passive CV database for all industries, 3BaysOver is a dynamic network and community designed exclusively for the tourism industry. One of the reasons why LinkedIn is quite passive and not very engaging is that it's not designed to help people interact and get business done, whereas that is what lies at the heart of 3BaysOver: it's a place where tourism buyers, sellers, and service providers can easily find each other, create content, share news, organise events, and network with partners and prospects in a way that is specific to how the tourism industry works. Tourism is a more complex and multi-layered industry than most outsiders imagine, and it's critical that its members be able to collaborate effectively with each other. Many tourism people are on LinkedIn, but they all state that it's not useful at all for their jobs. 3BaysOver, on the other hand, actually helps them do their job better."

3BaysOver allows tourism professionals to sign up, for an account. Adding company profile pages on their profiles allows them to publish business events as well as manage membership directories. Also, the newsfeed, mentions, and private messaging help users discover and keep in touch with business partners. In order to ensure that all members of 3BaysOver are tourism professionals, access to the platform is by invitation only.

“For the past 40 years, little has changed in how the B2B industry operates, relying largely on paper communications and infrequent in-person meetings to get deals done,” said Andy Ryan. "However, the tourism industry is all about relationships and trust. Building relationships and creating trust can be a challenge in today's fast-paced business environment. 3BaysOver has been designed to allow all tourism buyers, sellers and service providers to network and collaborate with their partners in a trusted environment online.”

Access to the 3BaysOver network is completely free for all individuals and companies in the tourism industry - regardless of company size, location, or budget. 3BaysOver aims at leveling the playing field for tourism companies with limited resources, by making networking tools more accessible and attainable. Indeed, much of the expertise and local knowledge in the industry is held by tourism professionals in remote regions who do not have easy access to trade fairs and networking events.

Furthermore, the platform has proven to be a great tool for matching young tourism professionals with companies looking for new talent. Detailed personal profile pages double as digital resumes, allowing potential employers to search through profiles for the perfect candidate. “We had been searching for a new Visit.org Country Leader in East Africa for a while. It wasn't easy because we couldn't physically send someone there to look for an individual who met all our requirements. Then one day, Agnes from Uganda reached out to me via 3BaysOver and applied for the position. It was great because I could quickly see all of her experience in responsible tourism on her profile page without needing to leave the platform,” said Violaine Pierre, Visit.Org’s Chief Operating Officer. Visit.org hired Agnes shortly thereafter. 

About 3BaysOver
3BaysOver is an online business-to-business networking platform for tourism professionals. Founded in 2014 and based in Lausanne, Switzerland, 3BaysOver makes it easier for its fast-growing community of tourism professionals and companies from over 150 countries to find, communicate, and collaborate with each other.

3BaysOver is a privately held company and is backed by leading European and North American investors.


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