Amal Therapeutics receives CTI grant

24.03.2016 08:10

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Amal Therapeutics, a Swiss biotech start-up company developing and progressing therapeutic vaccines in oncology, announced that it received a grant from the Swiss Commission for Technology & Innovation (CTI). The grant will allow Amal to evaluate promising immunotherapy combination treatments.

The CTI project, established in collaboration with the laboratory of Tumour Immunology of Dr. Paul Walker from the University of Geneva, has for objective to evaluate the possible combination and synergy of Amal’s vaccine with various immuno-modulators.

Dr. Madiha Derouazi, CEO at Amal Therapeutics commented: “The CTI is an essential partner for Amal Therapeutics. This grant will allow Amal Therapeutics to extend its R&D activities in the field of combinations therapies which are predicted to completely reshape the landscape of cancer treatment in a close future.”

Amal Therapeutics SA is a privately held Swiss biotech start-up company and spin-off from the University of Geneva. Amal Therapeutics was incorporated in September 2012. Amal uses KISIMA, its proprietary vaccine technology platform to develop and progress therapeutic vaccines in oncology.

(Press release)

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