Academy-Industry-Training Camps for Up-coming Entrepreneurs

18.03.2016 08:36

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Academy-Industry-Training Camp, is a training program for up-coming entrepreneurs set up by venturelab to give 40 scientists from top-tier research institutions in Brazil, India and Switzerland the opportunity to assess the marketability of their innovation, develop their business acumen and intensify their networking efforts. Applications for the next session in October 2016 are being accepted through 20 May 2016.

Bridging three continents, the free of charge Academy-Industry Training (AIT) Camps organised by venturelab, aim at helping young scientists move the results of their research from the laboratory to the market. The program involves two weeks of workshops, meetings and visits in either India or Brazil and finally in Switzerland. Thus, these trips are designed to give the traveling enterprising researchers the boost they need to successfully transform their ideas into marketable products.

The AIT program will send 16 Masters’ students, PhD candidates and researchers from Swiss universities and research institutes to Bangalore or Rio in the fall. They will take part in a week-long immersion alongside 15 local colleagues during which they will meet investors, innovation specialists, potential manufacturing partners and local researchers. This will give them a sense of the entrepreneurial environment of the country and some initial contacts needed to develop a market for their products.

The trips will be conducted simultaneously from October 3rd to October 7th 2016 in Rio de Janero, Brazil and Bangalore, India. On returning, participants from the three countries will gather in Switzerland in November 2016 for another 4-day program of diverse activities involving workshops, visiting companies at different stages of development – from start-ups to multinationals – and pitch-meetings with the audience. These future entrepreneurs will thus have ample opportunity to gather advice and feedback, improve their presenting skills and expand their network.

The program concludes with presentations to a panel of experts: the top two presenters will win an AIT Innovation Grant worth 10.000 francs.

Applications for the programs can be submitted until 20th of May2016.

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