A glance at the Swiss startup ecosystem

23.03.2016 17:15

Success stories and tips from startup experts are always a considerable input for startups. This press review provides a short insight into the current status of the Swiss startup scene through highlighting a few success stories and tips from experts.

ESA assigns Swissto12 a new project
After the successful closing of a major contract, Swissto12, shows how a prototype 3D-printed antenna is being put to work in ESA’s Compact Antenna Test Facility, a shielded chamber for antenna and radio-frequency testing (image above). This is the Agency’s first 3D-printed dual-reflector antenna.

David Emmerth: How Switzerland can become a center of clean energy 
As a prize for winning the SAFT Challenge, six startups had the opportunity to visit Silicon Valley. David Emmerth also travelled with them and in his blog "Swiss Energy Entrepreneurs hit Silicon Valley" he writes about the trip and compares Switzerland to Silicon Valley while pinpointing why Silicon Valley, given its small size, is one of the world’s hotspots for energy and cleantech innovation. He reveals that the reason for the sluggish development of Switzerland is due to the attitude the Swiss have towards risk-taking and inadequate VCs to mitigate risks without trying to act like banks.

Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier: “Make your pitch as short as possible!”
In the Interview with InnMind, a global ecosystem for all participants of innovation community, Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier, from CTI Invest / Swiss Startup Invest, gives a few hints on how Swiss startups can successfully build and stay in business without being wiped out. Vuilleumier advises startups among others to find serial entrepreneurs because of their vast contribution they can bring to a company – can act as mentors, investors and have a bunch of experience startups can benefit from. Moreover, he insists that they have to be authentic when trying to attract investors. In addition he speaks about the evolution of the Swiss startup ecosystem.

Mike Baur: Ten Ultimate Tips for Startups
Mike Baur, one of the co-founders of the Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUF) demonstrates some of the tips that can be of significant value to startups. He points out that having a good team is one of the major factors for a successful startup. Without a functioning, inspired and motivated team a startup will be prone to failure. Moreover, having a vision and being ready to adapt will take a startup to a higher level.


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