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Novertur partners up with a Swiss University to improve its business matchmaking technology

20.03.2014 11:54

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Novertur is improving its matchmaking technology through a partnership with the Institute of Information and Communication Systems (ISIC) of the Haute Ecole Arc (HE-Arc), a Swiss University of Applied Sciences. The technological collaboration is co-financed by the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) of the Swiss Confederation and by the Economic and Commercial Development Service of Canton de Vaud (SPECo).

Novertur entered in a technology partnership with the ISIC of the HE-Arc, a Swiss University of Applied Sciences located in the cantons of Neuchâtel, Bern and Jura. This partnership has for objective to improve the matchmaking technology of Novertur and to make it the most advanced b2b matchmaker for the international business development of SMEs. It will also clearly position Novertur as the business matching network for internationalization, therefore reinforcing the perspective of dating site for small and mid-sized companies, with a focus on international trade.

Thanks to this new technology, companies will be able to have recurrent reports on existing companies in the world that are matching their business needs. In brief, reports will be delivered to companies with a tailored list of potential business partners and the various reasons explaining the potential match between the companies. This helps the Novertur users gain time in their search for prospects and enables the identification with minimal effort.

The technological collaboration with ISIC has been developed through a project financed by the Swiss Confederation through its commission for technology and innovation. The service for economic and commercial development of the Canton de Vaud also supported this project with a financial contribution. The application to this grant has also been supported by the Swiss trade promotion agency, Switzerland Global Enterprise (former OSEC). Such grants have for objective to facilitate relationships between Swiss Universities and Swiss companies with powerful technology transfers. Those transfers often lead to a patent. Novertur is currently filling one on this technology.

Future benefits of business matchmaking to Novertur Premium
Finding the adapted trade partner on Novertur is free. But doing so is a demanding task for Novertur users as they need to browse the platform, implement various filters and criteria on the search engine, communicate on groups, discussions and other features to be visible and catch opportunities. The matchmaking system aims at making it easy for users to get information on relevant partners. With the improved business matching solution, the Novertur premium account will enable more accurate and more detailed results on a regular basis, with recurrent reports delivered to users mailboxes.

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