Gbanga's Pilotifant is the App of the Year

22.03.2012 14:19

Yesterday the best apps of the year were awarded with the Swiss App Awards. The game “Pilotifant” got the “App of the year” Award. The game was developed by the start-up Millform, which is known for its Gbanga App, together with advertising agency Wirz. It was developed for Mobiliar, an insurance company from Bern.

The first Swiss App Awards took place at Hotel Marriott in Zurich yesterday evening. 130 App developers, designers and project managers were celebrating 30 nominees. The event was hosted by former „Miss Schweiz“ Tanja Gutmann and „Nutty Professor“ Kresten Krab Thorup.

The winners of the Swiss App Awards are mainly start-up companies: Millform, 42matters, kariosgames and noidentity are all start-ups. Wirz/Millform AG was the most successful company winning two awards for their game app „Pilotifant“ (Best User Experience & App of the Year). In Pilotifant the user has to pilot an elephant out of a china shop by pulling his trunk in the right direction to avoid too much damage to the shop.

The winners in each category are as follows:

• Best User Experience App: Pilotifant by WIRZ/Millform AG

• Most Downloaded App: SBB Mobile by SBB AG

• Best Web App: AppAware by 42matters AG

• Best Game App: MonsterUp by

• Best Bank App: MoneyBook by noidentity gmbh

• People’s Prize Award: Fan-Glocke by Swisscom AG

 • App of the Year: Pilotifant by WIRZ/Millform AG

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