Quantum-based technologies win Venture Kick final

15.06.2018 08:20
Dotphoton QNAMI

Last week, the Venture Kick award was bestowed unto two female founders. This week, the twofold CHF 130’000 seed money prize goes to two startups in a related field; QNAMI and Dotphoton are both bringing quantum-inspired breakthroughs in imaging technology.

With its financial support, venture Kick gives startups a stable foundation to carry on to the next steps. For QNAMI, one of the winners of the award, the prize is a strong encouragement, which confirms that the startup is on the right track.

QNAMI (right picture) uses cutting-edge quantum technologies (and synthetic diamonds) to improve imaging techniques. Their quantum sensors allow companies in the electronics industry to perform more accurate failure analysis, a necessity for the development of the next magnetic memories generation. With applications in the medical area to offer solutions that reduce imaging scan times, QNAMI aims to access an estimated market of USD200 million in imaging sensors.

“The quality of the jury, the quality of the coaches and the kind management made the whole experience extremely pleasant and valuable. We are delighted to be part of the Venture Kick family and are already working on the next steps for QNAMI," said Mathieu Munsch, co-founder of QNAMI.

Likewise, Dotphoton, the second winner, acknowledges that being a Venture Kick finalist will enable the company to promote its existing products and open new markets, as it strives to change the world of professional imaging.

Dotphoton, (left picture) devloped a quantum-inspired, RAW image compression technology that preserves image quality even after compressing a file to up to 10 times smaller. Using its App – which is already available on the market – a broad audience ranging from iPhoneographers to biomedical and aerospace researchers, can now obtain more information, obtain and store smaller files; which helps users to saves costs and improve image analysis. The startup aims to bring the next standard for image compression to the world. Projects and discussions with major players in the industry are already ongoing.

“Both the investment and valuable mentoring will enable the company perform better and move forward faster”, says Eugenia Balysheva, CEO and co-founder of Dotphoton.


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