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CREAL3D closes first financing round

07.06.2018 08:24
Virtual Reality

Following the receipt of the FIT seed loan, the Lausanne startup CREAL3D has closed its first financing round from investors. The startup has raised over CHF 0.8 million in the seed round led by Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC).

Today's Virtual and Mixed Reality (VR/MR) headsets have a major drawback: They typically use two flat screens and therefore display 3D images with a fixed focus, which is unnatural. It causes significant eye-strain and limits the usability of these devices.

CREAL3D is developing a light-field display for virtual reality goggles and smart glasses to eliminate unpleasant eye-strain. The technology brings genuinely three-dimensional images enabling each eye to change focus naturally between virtual objects in different distances just like in the real world. CREAL3D’s solution allows for conflictless mixing of real and virtual images.

After a proof-of-concept phase, the startup has raised CHF 0.85 million to support further product development. The round was led by Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) with the contribution of CHF 0.48 million followed by private investors including Jari Ovaskainen and Atmosclear Investments. Jari Ovaskainen is a leading European business angel and has for example invested in Kizy Tracking.

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